a mini rant & a pretty shawl

So I have to confess, if it's not obvious enough, I haven't exactly been best friends with my blog space lately. Mostly because I'm really frustrated that whenever I go to view previous posts I see that pictures have gone missing. Am I now seeing what all of you see? If that's the case, I'm really not cool with that.

I mean, what's up with that, blogger? I worked hard on my pics. And they're MY pics... so why can't I see them? I put them up already... sigh. Anyways.... (rant not REALLY over, but over for now)...

I finished another knit! This one is actually for me! "Heaven's to Betsy!" you might exclaim ... or not... but still it's pretty cool that I actually have something for ME to tote around.

This is the Antarktis shawl by Janina Kallio.

The yarn I used is RainCityKnits Supersock (MCN) colourway is Electric Coral. I honestly LOVED knitting this! The yarn is uber squishy, and lovely to knit with. This is my first RainCityKnits yarn that I've knit with, and I'm sure that I'll be purchasing more.

I used a 3.75mm/US 5 needle. Honestly the first two days of knitting got me way more than halfway through the shawl. I only had to set it down for a while because I had other knitterly obligations that had to be filled.

I highly recommend this pattern, and this yarn! So fun. And really the perfect summer shawl.

The colour just screams WOW. .. don't you think?

Anyways, I plan on having more selfish knitting on the needles. Because it feels good.

How about you? Are you knitting away? What awesome summer knits have fallen into your lap? Any other bloggers out there frustrated by their blog? xo


22.5 degrees & love

Goodness it's been a while, hey? Did you miss me? haha it's ok if you didn't. ;) I can hardly believe we are just about to embark into June! Where on earth has the time gone? The last few months have been full for us and we are preparing for a busy summer. The Mr. is going away on course for 5 months, and we'll have to say our goodbye's half way through summer. And so we are planning on some important family time in the meantime.

Speaking of family, my amazing OMA has traveled across Canada for a visit! say what?! I'm very glad that long-life genetics are on my side! Oma is 97 and still enjoying every bit of life. So amazing.

She has so many stories to tell, her memories are full. It's lovely! I will be spending much of the weekend with her, and I'm really looking forward to it!

Oma actually was one of the first people in my life to teach me to knit. Up until last year, she was still knitting! Remember this beautiful blanket she made for one of her great grandchildren? Such a special gift.

So of course, I really couldn't let her go home from this amazing visit without a knitterly gift. Oma is loving the variegated yarns, as they are still new to her. I let her choose from some of my favorites in my stash, and she settled on Miss Babs Tarte. The colorway is Berlin.

Gorgeous, isn't it?  I ended up deciding on knitting up Martina Behm's 22.5 degree shawl. I am so glad I did! I absolutely loved knitting this up! In fact, I enjoyed every stitch so much that I'm feeling I'll need to order more Miss Babs! I used a 3.25mm for this project.

I really love the construction of this shawl. So incredibly simple and soothing. Like much of Martina's patterns, I imagine! I was able to use up the entire skein, thanks to Martina's formulas for adapting different yardages to her patterns. Love it!

From start to finish, this only took me a week. I still managed to knit up work knitting as well! It was such a lovely knit, I hardly noticed the extra hours of knitting time put in.

This yarn also drapes like a dream. I so, so love it! The scallop edge is a nice, dainty little feature. Really so sweet! When I saw Oma last week, I was wearing my hitchhiker. She kept commenting on the variegated yarn, and just loving it in the garter stitch. I knew I couldn't go wrong with another pattern from Martina. I had chosen 22.5 degrees so that Oma would have the option of wrapping it around her shoulders like a more traditional way of wearing a shawl, should she choose to.

I certainly plan on ordering more yarn to make one for myself!  I'm looking forward to giving this to her tonight. xo

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Self Striping Love...

So last year for knit city, I made up a sample for Caterpillargreen yarns. I am sure you already know but it bears repeating that these gorgeous self striping yarns that Catherine creates, really practically knit themselves.

I become obsessed with seeing the next color change, and I just can't put the work down!

This, of course, helps in knitting up a shawlette in a very speedy fashion. :) In this case, the pattern I used is the Simple Yet Effective Shawl by Laura Chau.

The yarn is  Caterpillargreen MCN Fingering. Colorway: Concrete And Tulips. I used my 3.5mm fixed signature needles for this project.

This really is a speedy, and delightful knit. I highly recommend this yarn... if you haven't heard of it before, please, go check out Catherine's website. You'll be able to keep on top of when the next shop update will be. You'll have to know what you want though, because these yarns sell fast!

To find all things Caterpillargreen check out these popular sites:

I think the next self striping shawl I knit up will have to be for me though :) xo Tell me, what's on your needles this week? xo


hitchhiker love!

Ok. So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this gorgeous skein in my feed...

Do you remember it?  I actually started this lovely project just before I got really sick. And I knew it was meant to be a hitchhiker. Especially after I cast on. lol!

Anyways, talk about another addictive knit!! Even though Wollmeise offers such massive skeins, (like are talking 574 yards here!) this project knit up pretty quickly.... I love that I never had an overwhelming amount of stitches on the needles, even though it produced a fairly large shawl!

I am seriously in love!

I do have a confession to make though..... this is actually the VERY first time I've knit with Wollmeise, AND this is my first time knitting a Martina Behm pattern!!!

Say what!!??!! She's actually been at the top of my ravelry queue for years, and many of her patterns are in my favorites... I really can't believe it's taken me this long to dive in! But I'm sure glad I did.

I definitely love that the hitchhiker works so well with hand dyed variegated yarns.
Here are the little details:

Yarn: Wollmeise We're different Pure. Colorway Libelle  (I think!! the sticker was covering it up, so if I'm wrong, please let me know.)
Needles: signatures (fixed) 3.25mm    (sadly, the fixed are no longer made..) 
Pattern: Hitchhiker by Martina Behm.

I absolutely LOVED knitting this! I definitely recommend both the designer and the yarn to anyone.

I realize I'm on a shawl kick... and I really don't see it stopping anytime soon ;) so tell me, what's on your needles?!


still knitting!

Really, you all know I never stop knitting. But sometimes, I wonder if YOU wonder what I'm up to, as I don't always have a chance to post what I'm working on....

Well, wonder no more... A week ago, this gorgeous skein fell into my hands...

Cat, of Caterpillargreenyarns is seriously mega talented! Not only does she do the most amazing self striping sock yarns, but shawls too! eeeks!!  Ok. I'm a HUGE fan of this. But really, who isn't? Especially since the yarn harlot became a fan too, we ALL know about Cat's amazing yarns!!! See her posts about Cat's yarns here and here. (yeah, she was mentioned twice!!!)

So really now you have to be speedy to get in on the shop updates, because her yarns are quickly snatched up! To get more info on Caterpillargreen shop updates, check out the website.

Ok. BUT LOOK at this NEW colourway!!!

I love it. oh i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Not only do I love grey's but the striping is like a gradient self striping grey until POW! yellow. swoon... Want to see more pics of this in progress? Follow me on instagram.

I only wish I could keep this one. ;)

* swoon. * Luckily I do have another skein on hand that I am so looking forward to knit up. It's this one...

So what about you?? What's on your needles? Do tell! xo



Time to celebrate! I usually am pretty quick with having things on and off my needles. I like to not have too many WIPS ... I think I've always been this way, but especially so with work knitting.

These socks must be the exception though, as I had cast on for them last JULY. I always enjoyed knitting them, it's just that my selfish knitting took a back seat for a long time, so there would be weeks (and months) at a time that I wouldn't even look at this lovely project...

But the wait was totally worth it. Totally. I even love how they so perfectly don't match up ;)

I knew as soon as I saw this yarn in my hot little hands that they were going to be socks. I wanted them to be as long as I could make them as I really didn't want to waste any of the yarn.  I also knew I wanted the yarn to be the focal point of these socks, not the pattern. So vanilla socks it was! 

The little details are:
pattern: Gusset Heel Basic Socks by Wendy D. Johnson  -- I have the book Socks From The Toe Up, and I couldn't recommend it enough. I've used it often, and there are several patterns in the book that I want to knit! 
yarn: Regia Fluormania Color  no. 07184 neon beach
needles: US 0 / 2.0mm hiya hiya sharps

I am a big fan of the magic loop, so that's how I always knit my socks. These ones are toe up. (best way for me to use up the yarn). I have to say, it's the first time I have used both the hiya hiya sharps and the Regia yarn. I am a HUGE fan of both! The needles are so light, and I feel like a faster knitter when I use them. The Regia yarn you can bet I'll be using again for socks. It's not as soft as a lot of sock yarns out there, but I like that. I am hard wearing on my socks, so knowing these are tough and have a 10 year guarantee seals the deal for me! 

I am so pleased with these socks! I'm sure they will get heaps of wear! 

Now to quickly cast on another pair! I think having a pair of socks on the go at all times (no matter how long they take) is a fantastic knitterly plan. ;) 

Tell me, what are your favorite sock patterns, yarn & needles? Do tell! xo 


Knitting in a castle? Sign me up!

This is really happening.

A year ago I had hosted a workshop for Pacific Women's Day here, at Hatley Castle. (cue X-men... yep, this was their school!)
I had such a lovely time, that when I was asked to participate in a knitting workshop again this year, I jumped at the chance!

Of course, teaching here, at Royal Roads University is pretty nice on my ego too.. I get to play knitting professor for the day, no? hahaha I'll buy it.

So this is where I will be this weekend. :) It's really the perfect place to knit. We've got 14 people currently registered, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

I will be sure to take a moment to walk around the gardens after the event. Because really, it's just so lovely!

I remember feeling so inspired by this place last year... Even though I will only be spending a few hours here,  I'm sure my needles will be happily clicking away all weekend long! I mean, how can you not want to sit here, knitting needles in hand, sipping tea. Yes. this will be good.

Tell me, what are your weekend plans? xo

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