a few thoughts...

… as I'm nearing a milestone birthday, I've been wanting to look at life a bit differently. Sort of trying to slow things down, but not really physically slow things down, because I thrive on the schedule I keep. But I have been neglecting the importance of looking around and appreciating what's right in front of me.

And also the importance of taking time just for me.
So I started running again back near the end of  summer. It had been a while for sure. (4 years since I last did any races).  And it was a bit of a rough start. BUT my body remembers. And sure enough I was reaching the distances that I was running years ago.

I've noticed that I run a lot differently. I no longer want music with me. I like the silence. I like listening to my breath, and really being in tune with how my body is performing.
I like appreciating what my body can do, and I'm proud of it!
I'm not in any way super fast, or anything like that.. But that's ok. I just like enjoying the moment of running in the quiet.

So not quite two weeks ago now. (During our Thanksgiving weekend) I ran another race! I did another half marathon. And I did a personal best! One of the things I really wanted to do before my  birthday was to run another half marathon. And I'm glad that I did it! There is even another one coming up on my birthday that I'm seriously considering registering for! (it's less than 2 weeks away!)

Nearing this new milestone is not such a bad thing. I'm enjoying what I have, where I live... and what I'm able to do.
I'm really realizing the importance of this new way of thinking (for me). Of slowing my thoughts down sometimes.. .even if it's just during my run.
I'm looking forward to the future.
Especially being more fit and healthy so that I can stay around a long time :) My husband and I have a lot to look forward to! .. And hopefully keep up to my growing, fast boy.



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