Still here....

photo from (Jeremy Koreski /The Globe and Mail)

It has been a bit of an emotional time for us. My husband has left for a 5 month deployment and we are just trying to find that routine.

There are so many other families going through the same feelings that we are, but sometimes it still feels pretty overwhelming.

Clearly, the blogging has taken a back seat but I am ok with that. The knitting is still keeping my fingers really busy, and I've been feeling so supported in my venture into Goodnight Baby By Nook.

I am so incredibly proud of my little man. He has shown such strength and acceptance of this big life change. So all in all, we are doing ok. We are blessed with good health, and are doing our best to stay organized.

I was spoiled by my husband with a generous pre-deployment gift... a set of interchangeable addi's!

So I think I'll need to get some selfish knitting on those needles soon.

Thank you, sweet friends for always popping in on me and making sure I'm still smiling. I truly appreciate you. xo


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