it's the weekend! and we have a winner :)

i can't say how excited i am for such a wonderful response to the label love giveaway from inked papers. you guys are more than awesome.

and really, i don't know if there's a better way to start the weekend than to find out you're the winner of a gift certificate to inked papers lovely shop! well there might be a few awesome things that are up on that list, but winning is definitely up there too :)

so without any further ado, the winner chosen by random.org is..

# 45 sue@polliwogsinbloom "definitely fabric labels, for the little softies i plan to sell:)" polliwogsinbloom.blogspot.ca

congratulations sue! i'll be notifying michelle today and she'll be getting in touch with you! have fun spending your gift certificate! i have seen her stuffies, and goodness they are cute!!!

huge thank you to michelle for offering such a wonderful giveaway! i'm so glad you've all enjoyed perusing her etsy shop!

yep. this is a great way to start the weekend! and this weekend we have to super fun plans of spring cleaning on our plate. hahaha. oh geez. but we'll be more than happy when it's done :) i've promised the hubs beer and bbqing, so i think it should be a pleasant enough weekend. and i intend to get some beach-combing in as well if at all possible :)

this pic is from last year, but i love it.

i certainly plan on there being much knitting thrown into the mix as well. i've got a ton of new projects just itching to be made! some exciting news is that i'll be introducing some fabulous knitting classes in the summer! so i've got some samples to whip up! starting with socks. gotta always have a pair of socks in your bag this summer. don't you think?

what do you have planned for this weekend? will you be getting together with your besties to knit? will you be lighting up that bbq? cleaning? reading a favourite book? i'd love to hear about your weekend plans! and here's hoping for beautiful sunshine for everyone! happy weekend! xoxoxo


  1. YOU'RE KIDDING!!! This must be a sign, have to get that shop up and running. WOW...WOW Thanks for the giveaway and the link love :) WOW :)

    1. hahaha you're most welcome! i'm so looking forward to seeing your creations! cheers to a great start to your business! xoxo

    2. i just got to settle on a name and i think i'll just dive in.

    3. can't wait to hear what it is!! can you send me your email? in rav is fine :) xo

  2. I'm hoping I get to hang with you m'dear :)


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