daydreaming a little...

you know, i'm pretty happy to be a part of the crafty ring. to find a hobby that has such a community of people supporting you is pretty stinkin' neat. and i'm not just talking about yarn and needles or hooks. (but it's totally included)  i'm talkin' about the whole crafty ring. it's awesome!

 i love how we support one another, be it in sewing, jewelry design, paper crafts, woodworking, gardening, weaving, spinning... all of it.
 i'm super happy to have all of you as my friends! thanks for encouraging me to pursuing my  ridiculous desire to craft... to create.... and to be happy doing what i do. and thanks for being the creative inspiration that i rely on! that helps me to keep on moving!
you guys are the best! xo

there's really not a whole lot i would change...

you know... except for the obvious. ;) haha i love that pic.
don't forget! today is the last day to enter the giveaway for inked papers! go to the link here. and also, if you live in the victoria, bc area, and need help with your knitting, there's a knit-in this friday! (yeah, tomorrow) . i'd love to see you! check out the cloth castle for more details. xo

are you daydreaming today? what's on your mind? what are you creating? did you enter the giveaway? come chat. there's always either coffee or tea, or both. xoxo


  1. I daydream for extra hours in the day, as usual!
    We were granted university housing so that is a huge relief for us. We can finally move forward with plans for the move. I'm starting to get excited, even though it is going to be hard for me to leave NY...
    That means I should be knitting less and packing more, but I want to finish the lace part of Gemini (totally lied about putting it off to the wkd)so I can "relax" with the pattern a bit. Can't wait to be gemini "twins"...get it? harhar.

    1. har har "twins" indeed. ;) i love your humour. yay for university housing! this will be a huge move for you guys, but i'm excited that you're moving over closer to me! (that's not selfish, is it?) and i bet you'll have a wonderful experience. i have to cast on for gemini today... i don't want you beating me! (though you probably will lol)... have a fab, productive day! xo

  2. Love the pic - I have frizz for hair and have been on at my husband to get a job in Paris for years :)

    1. haha then you should definitely have this up in your house. non? xo

  3. Oh, Paris, yes I would take that.
    I'm happy to have found you, too. :D


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