tops, tanks & tees knit along!!

today is the day! it's the big cast on for

 tops tanks & tees kal

 i know you are all so very excited about this kal. and for some of us, it's been incredibly hard not to cast on. hopefully that means, we've been spending that time swatching, and making sure we'll have proper fit to our amazing tops when it's done. :)

i am pleased to announce that i did re-swatch for the gemini, and i remembered what size of needle i used. i'm going with a 3mm for the body, which means a 2.75mm needle for the lace...whooo man thats a tiny needle! but it will soooo be worth it!

 how have you been doing with getting gauge? a lot of us are doing the gemini, and it's knit in the round. shannon has an excellent post up today about knitting in the round, and some tips that should come in handy with this knit along.

i can already picture myself wearing the gemini. and i'm so excited to be wearing linen! i bet it will be fabulous for the summer xo

 i have been so impressed, excited and inspired by the conversations that have been going on in the ravelry group! you ladies are on fire with pattern ideas and yarn options! i can't even begin to tell you how much i'm looking forward to seeing what you're all creating! goodness, there will be some lovely FO's being sported around. :)

want to join on in?

be sure to head on over to luvinthemommyhood to sign up for the kal. you must be signed up in order to qualify for prizes. (of course there are prizes!)

start date: april 11th, 2012 - but you can start any time before the end date...
end date: may 23rd, 2012 (the prize winners will be announced the following week)

and maybe you'd like to sport a button?? :) yippee! yeah, i know you do.
shannon is super talented with coming up with these buttons, and i know we all like to sport them on our blogs during the kals.


so grab your coffee, your fave spot to sit, grab those needles and hooks, and let's get clicking! i'm so very excited to see what you all create! xo


  1. uggghh I thought cast on was tomorrow!
    I have some finishing to do on a few projects, then I can join in.

    1. well you are a speedy knitter, so there is nothing to worry about ;) xo

  2. That linen is such an amazing color!

    I cast on today for gemini, I know I'm going to love this top! Only problem is it requires a bit more concentration than what I've been working on recently, so I may have to push it to the weekend to keep going on it.

    1. thanks hannah! i'm excited to see how it will turn out. can't wait to see yours! xo


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