pow!! bam!!

is it tuesday already? i feel like over a week has gone by since i've been on this space. but i know that's totally not true...i guess that's what holidaying is like... well we didn't go anywhere... but you know... 4 day weekends, having the hubs home, and jam-packing in all the fun we can, while stuffing our faces and trying to remain active.... yeah that takes a lot out of you. ha i even had to request a nap or two!
but now it's time to get back into reality. and i seem to need a kick in the pants ;)

Source: ravelry.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

ha tell me i'm not the only one :)
i'm one who always seems to work better under pressure. i like it busy, so i seem to do my best to make things that way.
even though it's still only spring, i've got winter markets on the brain. gotta get to applying for them in the near future.
there's spring cleaning, preparing for classes, and training for a couple of 10k's. say what?!! so i think i need a bit of inspiration. i love reading things that make me want to keep on moving. keep on striving, and push through the murky days. not that today is murky, mind you... but i did eat a lot this weekend ;)

so i guess i'd better get creating! i have lots to show you this week! here's hoping i can remain productive! being productive also goes hand in hand with me having an organized space to work in. i've always been that way. so that's why the spring cleaning bug has hit me :) i feel like i just focus so much more when i have less clutter around. are you the same?
in other news....
aren't those fingerless mitts amazing? haha seriously too cool. the pattern is called fightin' words and it's by annie watts. and if you knit them up. you have to show me. but i also think i've just added them to my que ;) what? i have time.. i can fit it in, right? hahaha.

what's on your plate this week? are you feeling excited to tackle spring cleaning, and get some projects done? what's on your needles? any new schedules you're adjusting to? i'm just about to pour more coffee.. come chat! xo


  1. Those mitts are awesome!! I hope you knit them up...you know along with all the other things you're working on. ;)
    We tackled spring cleaning over the weekend - not done yet but it feels so good. I'm hoping it will give me some momentum to finish the sewing projects I have littering my table....Happy Tuesday! xoR

    1. oohhh good for you for getting a great head start on spring cleaning! we have just barely started.. but i get obsessive... every nook and cranny. ha. so far i've cleaned behind the fridge and the stove. and today we're going through owen's clothing to donate whatever is too small. you have a wonderful tuesday too!! xo

  2. I wish I could create a reality where kids don't get sick. Sigh. Noelle woke up with 104 fever on Sunday and her temp. is still unsteady. HOwever, sicky wee one means I finished Twiggy. Check it out. Just in time for the next KAL too. haha.

    1. you finished your twiggy?!! i'm off to look at it immediately. i'm so sorry noelle is sick though. that slows everything else down for sure. how is she feeling now? xo


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