press the "reset" button

i know i've mentioned this before, but a super awesome friend of mine told me once that mondays were like her fresh start days. clean slate, as it were... and ready to start off the week.. it's her "reset" button... she loves mondays. and ever since then, i've kind of had a different approach to my mondays. we're becoming friends again:)
the weekends are always busy and never super organized.. (i'm sure you can relate). and i've gotta say, i'm a habit of routine!

another thing that i thing i've mentioned before is..... i'm training for another race :) i had so much fun with the 5k and i felt so proud of myself, that i've registered for 2 10k's that are fast approaching! the first of these two is in less than 2 weeks.
but while i was on my run yesterday, i made sure to actually enjoy my surroundings. with the schedule that i'm on every sunday is my longer run days... and i end up taking new routes each week, because i'm adding more distance. this week i made sure to really look around while i ran (maybe that's a given to a lot of runners.. but i tend to get lost in my thoughts and not really be aware of the beauty around me... seriously, i get so lost in thought about knitting usually, and patterns i want to tackle.... prepping for markets.... deciding which classes to teach...)  and while i still thought about all of those things (who can't think about yarn..  and knitting... i mean really) i just made sure to look around a little more. and goodness, i just love where i live! i had gorgeous views of tree covered hills, mountains in the far background, clear blue skies, and the smells! the flowers are out, and the grass is growing!!oh yes, spring is here! yah, i totally enjoyed my run. and it made the distance thing not as hard.

Source: google.ca via Rebecca on Pinterest

and i kind of want to teach myself to do this in other areas of my life.. instead of getting all uber focused (which is good!buuut i can get a little obsessive... i blame it on my dutch roots) i want to also appreciate what's around me.

so i guess today i'm pressing "reset" and i'm just really going to enjoy the beauty and creativity around me. i still have to get stuff done, but it's ok. i'll enjoy it! i thrive on being busy. multitasking is just what i do... but having the reminder to take a break to enjoy what's around me is a very good thing indeed ;)

how was your weekend? was it full of the things you love? were you productive? busy? relaxed? i think i had a little of all of that mixed in. :) now i'm hoping i can remember to take the time to enjoy everything that's around me throughout my week as well!  here's to a very productive, and successful week! full of coffee, beautiful things, and the smells of spring!  tell me what you have going on! xo

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