warm feelings...

it froze last night. no snow.. but it's nice waking up to a cold december morning. there aren't many days left. it always amazes me how fast christmas comes and goes, no matter how early i try to start planning. but you know, i really want to savor these last days of anticipation, and really enjoy the time with family. even though we don't have snow here, we are all getting into the christmas spirit. lots of baking has been done....and much elving behind closed doors... we've got bags of goodies hidden in the nooks and crannies of our bedroom, and even pressies coming in the mail! oh my oh my.
i have been so pleasantly surprised! yesterday i checked the mailbox and was almost too afraid to open the package that came. haha. i had no idea what it was... and i had to show it to les .. you know, just incase he had ordered something that  i shouldn't open. nope.. i was free to open it! so i did. look look what was inside!!

i absolutely heart snail mail, and there's nothing like cards, and surprise goodies to get you even more into the christmas spirit :) this is no exception (clearly)...  this is swans island yarn. the colour is just ahmazing.

 i actually blogged about this yarn back when i was deciding on my cowl for the cowl knit along. do you remember it? goodness, in real life it's just so squishy, and fab. i don't know what i'll knit with it yet... but boy am i excited! a big thank you to Ummashin's Goodies. you sure made my day! i'm still grinning about it... haha i can't stop petting this lovely squishy yarn.
check out her etsy shop too! this is one talented mama who definitely knows her yarn :)

and then you remember that i have a soft spot for norman rockwell's photos, right? just brings me back "home" and makes me kinda warm and fuzzy inside.... well last week, these came in the mail!

these came from the lovely buffy of passionate design. i tell ya, i am one blessed girl.
and now that i'm full of warm fuzzies, i should be knitting away on a christmas pressie!! so that i can give too :) here's a little peek, to see where i'm at:

it's a toque.. so i'm not worried. i've got lots of time yet :) and our gifts for extended family aren't being given until a little later, so i've got more time to create. :)
and on one final note... did you happen to see jane richmond's launch of her new site and blog?! seriously! it's amazing! shannon, of luvinthemommyhood has been working hard with jane to create a gorgeous site. it's incredible! you need to check it out! and jane's having an incredible giveaway!!! honestly, you don't want to miss out on it...  go to  www.janerichmond.com and find out all of the details of the giveaway there.

how are you doing with your crafting today? anything giving you some special warm fuzzies lately? i'd love to hear about it! xo


  1. Ohhhhh, that colour. It's gorgeous. I loooove surprise mail!
    I'm supposed to be stealing a few minutes to sew right now...better get at it. Sounds like you're in better shape than I am for these Christmas deadlines!

  2. i was so excited to open this up for real! as for the christmas deadlines, well i am being very easy on myself this year... and also, we'll be visiting family next month.. so i've got more time, if i choose to handknit something :) good luck with your sewing! xo

  3. It was my pleasure to send the gifts to you!

    {{hugs}} my friend & Merry Christmas!



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