so much fun!

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it's been a busy place, this home of ours... we've been keeping such a fun schedule! usually we aren't packing as much fun stuff into our christmas schedule, but this year we really wanted to make some memories. :) yesterday i laced up for the first time in over 15 years!!! eeks! and i'm fairly proud to say that i didn't fall :) and owen did very well. he loved it!

after that we checked out the holiday express. it's a train ride up in duncan through a tour of christmas lights. there's sipping hot chocolate around a fire, and a craft to do in an old school house, that's heated by woodstove. we did this last year too, and it really was so fun!

today we're headed downtown to look at the christmas trees at the empress hotel. always fun. and we are hoping to catch "the polar express" at the imax.
how's that for a full day?

yep. we've been having lots of fun. the house should be taped off with caution tape, it really is in such a state. haha but it's ok. i'll get it done. i actually just got a whack-load of christmas movies in the mail last night! so i'm thinking tonight will be a movie night, while trying to tidy up the chaos. :) i am a planner, and i usually function better in an organized environment, but you know... i'm just loving this. packing in all the fun we can.

how are your days looking? are you getting much sleep? i know christmas eve will be a late one for me and chrsitmas morning we have to get up before the kiddo! because our cat likes to destroy anything around the tree, including the tree itself.. (honestly he's knocked it down four times already) we'll get up early and make sure the pressies are around before anyone else is up. :) i love your company! and i'd love to hear how you're spending your days! let's chat! xo


  1. Oh it sounds like you're having so much fun! A perfect day in my opinion.
    I haven't been able to have time off work before the holidays, so it's absolutely nuts. I have had no time to follow the revalery thread on teh Christmas knitting :-( and I an disappointed, but there are only so many hours in the day, right?
    I gotta start baking too!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Yay for making memories :)

  3. monica - oh man it's tough to get it all done, hey? especially when you're having to do it all with no time off! eeks! i bet it's crazy! but we're all here... and i bet we'll be eager to knit after christmas craziness is over.. some selfish knitting will be in order i think! xo
    buffy - yep. love making the memories. they mean the most, hey? xoxo


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