eve of christmas....eve

it's the eve of christmas eve! such an exciting day :) how are you doing, my dear crafty friends? do you feel ready for christmas morning? i guess we're as ready as we're gonna be, hey?
i'm hoping to finish the hub's gift today, and there's still a little more baking to do. not difficult. just dinner buns :) but working on something little by little every day, the house will be ready. (a big thank you to the hubs for cleaning the oven out last night, while i tackled the laundry room).
hard to believe we're down to the wire now! december has really flown by!
and even though i didn't have a huge list of knitted gifts to make this year, i'm excited and happy. the only thing we're really missing is living a lot closer to family, and ....snow :)

Source: google.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

wishing you all a lovely christmas! i hope you're able to spend time with loved ones, that you can rest, and enjoy this christmas season. wishing you all full tummies of yummy dinners, and christmas treats... and gifts of lovely soft yarns, favourite books, kiddos giggling, lots of snuggling, hot chocolate, and anything that puts a smile on your face :)

have a very merry christmas dear friends! xo


  1. Merry Christmas Rebecca! Hopefully we can get together with the boys soon xo.

    Lisa (Anthony's Mom)

  2. Merry Christmas Lisa!!! Yes that would be wonderful!!! sending you a msg now :) xo

  3. So not ready...but I'm ready to celebrate so I'll take that as good enough.

    Thank goodness for hubby's who clean out ovens, hey?

    A merry merry Christmas to you and your family, Rebecca! Enjoy!

  4. being ready to celebrate is just perfect, i think. everything else will work itself out :) xo

  5. we finns are such an impatient bunch of people that we're pretty much done with christmas after christmas eve. it's funny actually. one of our (many) national quirks, to be completely unable to wait for the actual day.

    merry christmas becca! and all the best for the new year :)

  6. hahaha liisa :) it must be the dutch in me that makes me want to take the christmas tree down on boxing day. (and i do too).

    a very merry christmas to you, liisa! i'm so excited for what the new year will bring to us crafties :) xo

  7. Merry Christmas! And what a lovely scene in your home. Oh my!

  8. Merry Christmas Becky! (as you will always be in my mind! lol) xo Rosa

  9. Merry christmas to you rachel and rosa! rachel - i wish that were a scene from my home :) that would be from good old pinterest :)


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