just popping in...

how was your christmas? did you have a wonderful day? our's was such a full, fun, fantastic day!

and as per usual, once chrsitmas day is over, i like to take the time to de-clutter. to de-decorate (yes, really!) and to spend some time with my family with our new gifts and just to rest.

it's been a busy time, anticipating chrsitmas! i'm sure you agree :) so i'm going to take the next few days as down time with the family, and to get ready to show you a little of how our christmas was! now my (almost) 4 year old is calling me over to a game of connect 4 :)

i'll see you soon! did you have a wonderful christmas?xo


  1. I love this picture. It is pretty much how I have felt every day since my girls have been home for Christmas break.

  2. haha yes. norman rockwell does such a good job :) i hope you're re-couping alright? i'm beat today! after completely de-decorating.... and cleaning... i need a vacation ;)


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