watching the rain...

this morning i woke up to the sound of the rain beating down on the roof. i love that sound. a lot.

and i know i'm not alone. there is just something oh so comforting and so cozy in that sound, don't you think? it also gets me thinking forward. planning for what is to come of the new year, and getting excited for what my future will hold. some days when it rains like crazy i don't feel so productive... more like cuddling up in bed with a movie, or bundled under a big woolen blanket. or sipping my fave cup of tea... and always having my knitting close by.

and then it's so great for indoor games, arts and crafts, and baking. haha but i'm totally getting ahead of myself. ....
today it got me thinking of the new year. i've never been a huge new years resolution fan. in fact, i always end up treating september more as the beginning than january... but this year i think will be different. this year, i have a feeling will be a very good year.

we had a wonderful christmas, and once i get around to actually going through the pictures, i'll be sure to share with you. we've got less than a week for my little man's fourth birthday party. (goodness, why does he have to grow up so fast?) and i'm feeling nervous about the cake. the hubs and i are considering working with fondant... something i've never done before. and i'll be sure to snap lots of photos so i can share with you on that too...
then shortly after that, we're headed for a mini holiday.. so the new year is starting out busy for us!

Source: flickr.com via Lynette on Pinterest

it just works out perfectly that today i feel reflective, and calm, and hopeful. and it's also a good thing that i like the rain as much as i do. :) maybe it's because i know what the rain can bring.

how are you doing these days? are you beginning to feel reflective? hopeful? are you also a lover of rain? i'd love to chat! and i've got a warm mug of tea here. xo


  1. I am definitely a lover of rain too! I agree with you in that September seems more like the start of the year than January...probably because it's when school starts again and we can break out the sweaters. Still you know I'm planning up a storm for the new year...I'm ridiculously excited about all my goals, but especially my big one!

  2. oh buffy, i'm so excited for you! it's still pouring here, and i'm loving it. xo

  3. I love the rain. It has been cold here in Texas. The sun is out, so it makes for a cheerful day. My two oldest go back to school next week. We have been keeping busy. I am finally focusing on my cowl since all the gifts have been made. This year, I am going to knit all year long. Not just in the fall. I absolutely love it!

  4. that's a most excellent plan! i'm a big fan of knitting all year long! luvinthemommyhood and i have plans for some great KAL's in the ravelry group all year! ;)


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