there's nothing like selfish knitting to keep you focused... right?

i'm supposed to be concentrating on preparing for a certain birthday party.... and i keep getting sidetracked by a possible knitting project for me, and food. how's that for focus? haha. it's ok. i'll smack myself soon and get cracking on the cake... but right now i'm gonna seriously consider a little selfish knitting.
with all of the knitting for the market, and then chrsitmas, i miss seeing something for me coming off of those needles.. and really, i think it's time i snuck one in. i really do need to be working on a sweater sample for a class, but i can do that at the same time... want to see what i'm going to make for myself?

Source: ravelry.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

this is "kathleen" by jane richmond (of course) ;) and i just so happened to buy a skein of cascade 220 in sparrow/grey-green just for this project! as soon as i saw jane swatching for this project at one of our knit nights, i knew i had to knit whatever it was she was working on ;) thankfully it's a toque that i can easily squeeze in for selfish knitting while i'm working on store samples. hahah. but in all seriousness, we're going to be headed to alberta in mid january. a toque will be needed. and this will be perfect. also, i had decided that 2012 will have lots of selfish knitting involved... so i'd better start.
oh and something else that i've just stumbled upon while procrastinating? this.

Source: ravelry.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

 this is "kentmere" by lily kate france. i think i need to knit one of these too. this designer girl is only 14 or 15 i think! holy talent. love it!

and for those of you who are local to me... thought about any selfish knitting for the new year? i've got a ton of classes lined up... the very first one is a beginner's knitting class... perfect for those of you whose goals are to learn to knit! check out the cloth castle for a full list of classes.

as for my little man turning 4? i think i'm just delaying the planning because maybe that will slow down his bday? probably not, i know... and i really should focus.... haha thankfully, the hubs is still home on holidays, so we can tackle this together. i'm not worried....yet :)

how are you doing? over your turkey hangover, and ready to begin tackling goals for 2012? i'm already on my second cup of coffee... and i'm all ears! let's chat! xo


  1. Delaying the party planning sadly doesn't delay the birthday coming. Neither does telling them to stop growing so fast. Every time I do that, my eight year old wakes up in the middle of the night with growing pains. He's up to my shoulder already. I now have an eight, four, and two (all are halves actually since we have summer birthdays) year old and I don't know where the time went.

    Totally love that toque and cowl though. Beanies make me look horsey, but I wonder if because it's slouchy it would work for me. I may have to try it.

  2. Can't wait for the party! Love that cowl too! Looks so co\y!

  3. hehe i've been reading your blog for a while but i haven't ever left a comment yet, but i really want to share now! my goal for 2012 is to knit sweater vests for the hubs, Pebble (Henry's Manly Cobblestone-Inspired Baby Vest) for my son, and an oatmeal pullover for myself...some hats, scarves, and to finish crocheting my something pretty by millie blanket as well as a bunch of other patterns that i have saved! ahhh and the list keeps growing! :)

  4. sara - already up to your shoulder?! i'm still happy i can cradle owen (sort of)... but i know those days are growing thin... (especially if i'm holding him while standing)... i think you should try the elizabeth toque! and if it's not to your style, what a wonderful gift!

    shannon - i'm so looking forward to seeing you again! these holidays have sure kept us all busy... oh knit night, you have to happen soon!

    jessica- what wonderful goals!!! i've knit the cobblestone baby vest many times.. love that pattern... and of course the oatmeal pullover.. i've knit that 3 times as well! are we pals on ravelry? i'm so excited to see how you're progressing in your knits this year! xo my list just keeps growing too.. haha it's all good though :)

  5. My list also keeps growing! Meh. I just bought the brooklyn tweed "Shelter" hat pattern and am excited to try something more complicated. Now that I'm seeing the Kathleen again I think I may just have to have it...
    I started working on a lovebot and have the body halfway done. It really is a fun knit, esp. when thinking about the reaction from my sweet girl when she sees the finished product.
    I know all your plans will come together smashingly.
    Here's to a stellar New Year!

  6. hannah - which hat pattern is this? i'm searching and i can't find it. i loove brooklyn tweed's designs, and i hope to knit something of his in the new year. seriously.. if i could knit from all of his patterns i'd be in heaven! crazy. and i agree, here's to an amazing, crafty new year! xo

  7. oops it's actually called "Habitat", the yarn's name is Shelter.

  8. oh yah! i really love that pattern!! did you get the shelter yarn for it too? what colour? xo

  9. You're Kathleen looked so awesome Becca! I hope it gets a ton of wear in Alberta!


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