taking time....

is it really the end of 2011? honestly, i know that it's kind of true that the older you get, the faster the years seem to fly by... but really now... that was fast.

Source: etsy.com via Kymm on Pinterest

this has been such a wonderful year, too! and this baby blog of mine here is not even one yet! i have so enjoyed getting to know you fabulous readers, and bloggers, and crafty ninjas. ;) as i look back on this year, i realize how important this space has been to me. i have grown so much in it, as has my knitting, and my passion for creativity... and really you've given me the encouragement to do what i love... so thank you!
do you have any plans for ringing in the new year? i saw this video today by kinfolk magazine..... and it's a wonderful reminder to me of why i create. why i like to take the time to use my hands, go back-to-the-basics as it were..
i really do feel that in this world of busyness, of online connectivity, gadgets, etc.. we really forget the little things... watching something grow, writing letters the old way, reading a book... you know? just slowing down..
granted, i know that this is a struggle to fit into our busy lifestyles, but i think our ancestors were probably busier than we are... just with different things. and i hope to remind myself to take the time for these little things this year... have a look at the video, and you'll see more of what i mean :)

Dutch Oven Bread from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

it's also a reminder to me that i'd like a dutch oven :)  haha birthday present, maybe. when i bake bread, i use a recipe that doesn't require as many steps.. and that's totally ok.. but it was a nice reminder of how to get other things accomplished.
at any rate, it was such a nice thing to watch this morning... and it made me excited for the new year... and speaking of being excited....

i got a little pressie in the mail yesterday :) a little something from finland! i seriously looove snail mail. it makes me so so happy! do you remember the giveaway i had mentioned a little while back that was on  socks-a-plenty's blog? well i didn't win :) but as a thank you for the shoutout to her giveaway, liisa sent me the loveliest of stitch markers made by her!!

 aren't they pretty? and of course, she sells them in her etsy shop too!
of course, i just happened to need to cast on for a little selfish knitting. (we talked about this yesterday, remember?)  lo-and-behold, look what happened ;)

starting out my new year with a little selfish knitting? yes please. i loove this yarn too! it's the sparrow/grey-green from cascade 220.... it's going to be a great year!

how are you celebrating the new year? any little reminders you are trying to hold onto for the year ahead? do share! i'd love to hear of your plans :) are you a bread maker too, and want to take the time to remember the little things? coffee's on, and as always, i'd love to chat with ya! xo


  1. Lovely stitch markers from Liisa!!!! Tanya and Mom just had a little peek. Will connect with you soon. Awesome postings as usual!!!!

  2. Can't wait to see the cap when it's done! I love selfish knitting month :) I'm in the midst of setting my New Years Resolutions, both knitting and life related. I love lists :)

  3. Ohhhh, those are lovely! What a nice surprise for you! Can't wait to see your hat when it's all done! It's going to look awesome! I'm working on my 3rd sweater (all on the go)..do you think I've dived head first into selfish knitting - why yes I do think so :P You may need to bring me back up for air :)

  4. shannon - haah you most definitely have gone in with both feet! well done!!! i hope to drown myself in selfish knitting with you.. we'll have to knit ourselves a "rescue ring" no? i honestly can't wait to see your sweaters! especially this last one i know you've cast one for! eeks!

    mae - i promise you'll see the toque before too long! i'd love to hear your resolutions! and i'm so excited that you'll be helping me with some of mine!

    also, i'm pretty sure that's my mom there...so happy you're able to see the blog a bit! xo

  5. love the 220 color! and the pattern too. me like jane.

    it's sort of mind-warping though to see something i made hanging from someone's project 40 million miles away.. at first i just had a quick look at the pictures and thought, wow, those kinda look like mine!

    and i'm all for selfish knitting.. there's at least five pairs of socks i'm supposed to be making for others right now, but their color choices are SO boring.. i'm much more inclined to knit my lovely yellows and purples. so others can wait.

  6. haha yes it's amazing that your lovely stitch markers are such world travelers now. :) as it stands, i'm actually starting a sock KAL... tomorrow! i think i'll put the info up on the facebook page... surprisingly, i've never knit socks. the slipper socks, yes, but socks on tiny needles, not yet! crazy. :)


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