aaaaaand go!!!

there's really nothing like starting the new year off with both feet running... (is that the saying? i don't even know).
but first off... chrsitmas was so fun! we had a plan this year to complete a list full of fun family activities every day before chrsitmas once the hubs was on holidays.  and i'm happy we just about got every one done :) from ice skating, to the christmas train ride, and watching the polar express on imax. we even made sure to go for a drive to see all of the lovely christmas lights, drank yummy hot chocolate, firetruck light parades, much baking... and the list goes on. so many good memories this christmas!

but it's time to get on with the new year. i'm really excited about this one, for some reason... :) just feeling really inspired, and i hope for that to continue throughout the year. i'm not usually one for resolutions.. i feel like i always set myself up for failure... but i've decided to really take charge of this year. no excuses..
so i've decided to start off the year with a KAL. i mentioned it briefly on the facebook page, and got some response... but it doesn't matter how big this is.. so long as we're doing it.. and i'd love for you to do it with me :)
so first kal of the year, here we come!

 can you believe that i've never knitted real socks before? i say real, because i've done the slipper sock. you know, the bulky sock where gauge doesn't really matter kind, on big needles.. nothing on 2.5mm or smaller. so it's time i gave it a try. and because i don't want to have leftover yarn.. i want to do toe up. here's the pattern we're gonna tackle!

skew sock kal

Source: ravelry.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

pattern: skew by: lana holden.
you can find all of the ravelry projects here  (well over 2,500 projects!) , and the english version of the pattern is here, in knitty.

the yarn i've chosen for my socks:  Patons kroy socks. in ragg shades.
needle: 2.25mm

already i've been learning new stitches and forms of casting on! i love that i'm being challenged a bit by this!
the kal will run for the month of january, and i'll have some posts up just for the kal. i do hope you can join in! we can encourage eachother along the way, and have ourselves the coolest pair of socks at the end of the month!
i cast on last night. and i'm working at the mid toe. i'm so excited!

so what do you say, you in? i'd love to do a kal with you! no better way to start off the new year!

today is my little man's 4th birthday! why must they get so big so fast? haha. oh goodness.

here's wishing you a wonderful start to the year! let's begin this year with a bang! and new socks. :) i'd love to hear how you're doing, and what your plans are for this year! xo


  1. Oh my goodness Rebecca! I love the colours that you chose! Your Skews are going to look so awesome!!

    Crap...I think I just might have to join you in your KAL!! I seriously cannot turn down Skews!! Eeeeeep!

    OK...I'm going to go pick out new yarn for new Skews...

    PS: Glad to hear you had such a fabulous Xmas! :)

  2. I wish I could join in the KAL but I just can't add one more project to the calendar this month. I have just enough to keep me busy. I've been working hard to stay on track with my little goals and yesterday I posted about my big goal. I'm so excited :)

    Happy Birthday to your little one.

  3. Oh, they're going to look amazing!! Cool pattern! Happy New Year!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. If I wasn't already participating in a sock KAL I would totally join in! I will definitely be making these socks at some point. Good luck with your new skills :) I love the yarn you chose.

  6. well there's always another time for a kal, right? i just peeked over to your blog. those socks look so pretty!! xo

  7. Happy birthday to your little one and a Happy New Year! I have never knitted socks before either, for some reason, I don't like socks...if I had more time I would totally join in!
    Your choice of yarn looks beautiful too.

  8. Just a heads up for those interested in doing this kal... I have done these socks before as strictly stated in the pattern. I absolutely love them, but I'll be making another pair for my husband, and have been searching around for some good mods. The author has posted a number of them for size and adjustments (higher instep, roomier heel which I highly recommend). All her blog posts related to skew can be found here: http://yarndiva.blogspot.com/search/label/skew. Not all of those mods have been put on Ravelry or knitty. Happy knitting!

  9. monica - thanks for the birthday wishes to the little man. i really can't believe he's four already! sigh... :)
    sara - thanks so much for the tips and links! very much appreciated!!! are you casting on for your hubby for this kal? xo

  10. I went yarn shopping tonight actually to pick up another skein for a pair of socks for my dad that I'll be just short of the second sock.. of course they were out, so that was just fabulous. However I got some yarn for my hubby, and happened to find some for myself too...I'm pretty sure I'm sock addicted. Oh and for some reason Lana didn't the post with the mods I'm using for an 84 stitch sock, so that can be found here: http://yarndiva.blogspot.com/2010/02/further-skewed.html

  11. haha well you'll be one of my go-to-girls for any sock related questions! yippee!!!

  12. have way too many other projects lined up, but can't wait to see how yours turned out!

    Finished my Kathleen this morning and I luuuurve it.

  13. isn't it so great to star the knitting schedule strong though? yippee for plenty of projects! i'm so far loving how mine are turning out! yippee!
    my kathleen is blocking right now. i love it too!!! can't wait to show ya!

  14. Oh, your socks are weakening my resolve to finish my current projects (not to mention all the promised projects). Your socks are off to a great start! Can't wait to see more!

  15. Okay, I'm in. I can't help it! I love those socks and have been itching to make another pair--have only ever done one pair and goodness knows I have enough sock yarn. But it's going to be shocking if I can pull it off. Did I tell you I'm doing a test knit? It's a sweater & I am starting it today w/ the goal to get comments in this month. Yikes, better get knitting. Thanks for hosting another fab KAL :). p.s. Happy belated bday to your little man!!

  16. Just re-read my comment & it reads like I've actually knit Skews. I have not--just one pair of socks ever. And they were not toe-up so these will be perfect :).

  17. hurrah sandra! i'm so glad you're in!! so far i'm really really enjoying the pattern. my yarn is striping up fabulously if i do say so myself ;)
    oooOOOooo i can't wait to hear, see more about this test knit! who's it for? so exciting!! xo


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