fresh starts, and new skills....

january is good for a lot of things. even if the weather isn't what we love it to be ;) but it's really is the time of year when people start things anew. and try to challenge themselves, and set goals. (hopefully realistically).
if you've read yesterday's post about my current kal, then you'll see i'm starting out my knitting year with a challenge, and i'm really having fun with it so far! it's great that i'm doing this with others, too.. because it's such a nice thing to have the encouragement of others :) especially if these people are going through it with you, right?

well guess what, knitting classes at the cloth castle are starting up in just two weeks! the very first being offered is a learning to knit series!
source: sirdar.co.uk
perfect for those of you who have made one of your new years resolutions to learn a new skill. i promise this is a very fun class! you'll be knitting 3 different projects from a book full of great beginner patterns. (and you get to keep the book!) the items are knit up in bulky yarn, so you'll have some immediate gratification :) also, it's good for the beginner to be able to really see the stitch.
the projects that we'll me knitting include a two toned scarf, a smooshy warm hat, and fingerless mitts! perfect for this chilly winter ahead of us :)

source:1.JO-ANN on ravelry 2&3: DanaMonty on ravelry

these really are fantastic patterns to learn from and to knit with. so if you're interested in learning to knit, or know of anyone who is... please head on over to the cloth castle, and sign up!
classes start in just two weeks! and of course, i'd love to knit with you. there's that too :)

and speaking of trying new things... i did my first felted project. it was fun!! and we're also considering it to be a class as well!

these knit up fairly quickly, and used galway worsted yarn. (by diamond)  i think i'd like to add a strap across... something to help the slipper stay on my narrow feet a little more.. how cute!!

yep. these are a fun pattern, and i bet you'd look super cute wearing these too! ;)

so what do you say? ready to learn a new skill? you already fabulous knitters out there know of anyone who would love learning? (and lives in the area ...lol)... send them my way! i promise these classes are a lot of fun! this is the year to take charge! to learn new things, and to embark on new adventures! wanna knit?! xoxoxo also, on a side note... it's pouring rain out.. and i'm about to go out for a run. wish me luck! xo


  1. Hi!
    I LOVE those felted slippers...awesome job! Right now I'm working on my very first 'garment'. It's a top for Natalie. I can't wait to show you :) chat soon.
    Lisa xo

  2. lisa - that's so great! i can't wait to see it!!! xo

  3. I love the fingerless gloves.

  4. and they're so quick to knit up too!! my first beginner class knit them up in just 2 hrs. sweet!

  5. I love your felted slippers! So cute!

    I guess the rain is good knitting weather - if not running. ;)

    P.S. We had a brown Christmas after all. :(

  6. aww i hear that you guys will be getting snow though.. eventually! and thanks for the felted slippers love! maybe a class would go over well! xo


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