the first sip does wonders.....

don't you love the very first sip of coffee in the morning? (or tea, it doesn't matter).... just that first sip. i can feel it travel down into my core. giving me a warm hug and saying "good morning! let's get 'er done today!"

honestly, it just is the best start to my morning! and it gets me moving... even if only in the mental state at first... hey, i've got to sit and finish the coffee first!! ;)

but i actually have been somewhat productive... remember when i said some selfish knitting would do me good? well i've decided that 2012 is a good year for some serious selfish knitting ;) and i have something to show you....

kathleen is done! i really enjoyed this knit... as i do with all of jane richmond's patterns.... the instructions were uber clear, and the end result was a beautiful and quick knit! very good timing too, because we're headed off to alberta next week (don't worry, i'll still come here), and there's rumour that we could potentially be dumped with snow, and it could potentially be very very cold... so you know, i should be prepared... and fashionably so....

i really like the deep ribbing of this toque.. it just adds a sense of style to more than just a cabled toque. i also love the leaning cables.. gah so pretty. and of course, i love this yarn. i have knitted with cascade 220 heathers  in sparrow before... and it's really such a beautiful beautiful grey green. looove! 

yep. i'm happy with my first f.o of the year! now about this alberta thing i keep telling you about... our little family is taking a trip to see the in-laws for another round of owen's bday.. and they're leaving up the christmas decorations, so there will probably be a little bit of christmas thrown in there too :) i however, am not planning on taking time off in this space. i'm gonna bring my laptop, so i can chat with you lovely people! 
some of the posts might be a little shorter... but i'll still be here. xoxo besides, i have stuff to talk about, naturally...

how has the beginning of the year knitting been going for you? any fo's you'd like to share? the coffee is especially good today, (trust me!) and i've got a mug for you. come chat! xo


  1. Ohhhh...I love it! Looks so good! Cannot wait to see ya on the weekend :)

  2. weeee!!!! back to routine, here we come! oh i've missed knit night! xo

  3. It looks great! I love the colour - those Cascade Heathers are sooo nice.
    You're coming my way! I hope you have a great visit. It's been so weirdly warm here lately but the cold is coming!
    I just finished the Rae I've been knitting for my MIL. Her b-day is on Sunday...don't think I'm going to make it there in time...

  4. i had seen on the news that it was incredibly warm yesterday for you! so strange. alberta weather is pretty unpredictable though... ohhh can't wait to see pics of the rae!!! xo

  5. pretty pretty pretty...it really suits you so nicely.
    I'm in love with my Kathleen too. I think many people consider themselves Jane Richmond's biggest fan, but I'm borderline stalker. hm. that came out wrong.
    Can you tell me the actual number for the sparrow colorway? I think Jimmy Beans has it but many of their colors only have numbers in the listing.
    Anywho, hooray for selfish knitting! xo

  6. It looks so purdy on you Becca! Love, love, love! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo sad to miss our first knit night back, can you hear me crying all the way out in Langford?

  7. hannah - thanks! i think all of jane's fans are so pro jane we all think we're her biggest fans. hahah the colourway for sparrow is 4011. it's so divine!!!
    jane - i can hear you! :( i'm gonna make it this weekend, but i'll be missing next weekend because i'll be in alberta... i am so going to miss you! maybe we can get together soon?

  8. Oh, I love the hat! I want to make it someday too...but not today. I cast on Tuesday night for Husband's sweater and I'm a good 4 inches up the back. I also finished my first glove in the Madelinetosh sock yarn. So warm and soft...though I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have a ton of yarn left over there's over 400 yds in the hank and I'd be surprised if I used a 1/4 of it on the first glove...we'll see.

    Side Note: I totally laughed at your "get 'er done" reference :)

  9. I got a new coffee pot for Christmas, so I have been getting my coffee on daily. I even drink a cup at night because it is so relaxing. i drink decaf so no worries staying up. i just finished a simple cowl just for me. Next, some cup cozies. I figure that will be the easiest way for me to learn how to use dpns.

  10. buffy - i thought you might like that reference. haha you sound like you're getting so much knitting one! well done! can't wait to see pics!
    necole - lucky you, new coffee pot! i'd be getting my coffee on a lot! lol. which cowl did you knit? have you seen luvinthemommyhood's mustash cup cozy tutorial? she bases the cup cozie from my tutorial.. here are the links :)
    cup cozy: http://inanook.blogspot.com/2011/05/cheers.html
    with the 'stash! : http://www.luvinthemommyhood.com/2012/01/mustache-cup-cozy-tutorial.html

  11. Yay for selfish knitting! That hat looks great on you! Those cables make me drool. You'll definitely be stylin' when you're in Alberta! :)

  12. Love it! I, too, have decided 2012 is all about selfish knitting!

  13. erika - that is a wonderful plan! xo


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