new project this weekend!!

it seems our little family is having a hard time getting into a routine this new year. have you been finding this too? we've been so fortunate that the hubs has had great holiday time. he's back to work today, and then what? it's the weekend. and next week thursday he's on vacation again. it's nice. but i'm not trying to rub it in. noo please don't think that. there are plenty of times when he has to be gone a long time... months even... so it all evens out. umm well no he's still away more, but you know what i mean.
i am determined though. i will find that routine! and our family will love it.  it's the dutch in me. i can't help it. i'm just so stubborn. haha.

but since it's practically the weekend... let's chat about what i should be knitting... apart from this awesome skew kal
  but you'll see more of that on monday ;)
...already the classes i'll be teaching are off to a very strong start. i am so excited by this!! and the next class after the intro to knitting will be jane richmond's classic raglan pullover... for women! woo hoo!

Source: ravelry.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

sooo i need to have the sample knit up quick as a wink... because the class starts on  this has been in my que ever since the pattern was released... and i was wanting to knit it up even before then (because lucky me has jane in my knit nights, so i got to see this baby early on).  the class starts on the 27th... that's three weeks people! and i'm still gonna be knitting my skews... i can do it! :)
the yarn i have chosen for myself is cascade 220 (which i'll show you later), but i need to knit the store sample first..and that will be knit with diamond's galway worsted.
i've chosen a very basic colour...an off white... but you can do anything with this pattern, really.. i'm excited to begin it!!
and for those of you locals who really want to learn to knit a sweater.. this is a great class!!! and i just bet this sweater will be a staple in my wardrobe. i just bet. ;)

how is your weekend looking so far? will you get lots of knitting time in? have you found your groove for the new year yet, or are you still fine tuning the family routine. come chat! i could use your company today... and i like you. xo


  1. Well, technically my weekend doesn't start until Sunday. Husband has Sunday's and Monday's off. Though this week at work has been really slow and he's come home early every day so far...I love having him around more but I also like money and paying the bills ;)

    Still I'm hoping to get some more knitting done...ie finish up the first convertible mitten for my dad and cast on for the second. Sew up my pants and start another sewing project. Plus I have a little tute idea floating around in my head...man I better get moving!

    PS I love that sweater pattern too...on the list of 'to knit someday'

  2. My kids are definitely a little disoriented after the holidays, we are easing back into reality slowly. Coffee always helps.
    I awaiting my Christmas yarny goodness with bated breath (including some Cascade 220 for a classic raglan...bahaha). Working on my Rae and Oatmeal pullover. Trying to be reasonable with myself about how long it takes to finish a sweater and enjoy the process of making, not just finishing it.
    Drive by hug just happened, off to play with my hyper brood!

  3. buffy - you've got a great start to your new year! i'm looking forward to your tute! xo
    hannah - it's nice to know that i'm not the only one with the kiddo feeling disoriented... i know it's normal, but it's always a tough adjustment :) yay for coffee... can't wait to see all of your knitterly goodness! xo

  4. Good luck with your class, that is going to be amazing. I am wicked jealous that Jane is in your knit nites. She is one of my favorite designers.

  5. andi - thanks! and yep, i'm a lucky gal :) if you're ever in the area..... a knittin' sure to happen ;)


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