skew kal!

alright! first update of the kal! woo hoo!!

well i have to start by saying socks on tiiiny needles, and with tiiiny yarn is a first for me. i have never. never. knitted with a 2.25mm for a project! (unless you count tiny little scarves for cute little snowmen) heee hee..
i gotta tell ya, i'm really enjoying this! the feel of the small needles in my hand is lovely, and so light!
that being said, anything on larger needles will really feel like it's flying off the needles. hahaha.
you remember last week.. i was here:

at the mid toe...
i found the cast on to be so strange.. and it took me a few tries to get it right.. but i find it a neat cast on! i used judy's magic cast on. you can google and find lots of links as to how to go about doing this. here's the video i used.  (don't forget, toe up socks are brand.spanking.new to me!)...
the look of the sock seemed strange as i was knitting.... just an odd shape.. but it is called skewed, after all :)  and they are anatomically correct. :).. well you know what i mean. haha.
also, learning the llinc and the rlinc were new stitches for me too! i'm not sure about the huge aversion to dpns for this project. i am having no difficulties with knitting with dpns. sure i have to move a few stitches here an there to compensate for the increases and decreases.. but it's nothing really... and this project is more than doable on dpns.
can't say you ever stop learning while in the life of a knitter. i love it!

i think the yarn choice is pretty important with this pattern. specifically the colour scheme... and that's always a tough one for me... i always get overwhelmed when  choosing colours, hahah... but i really do think that my yarn choice for this project is wonderful. i love the way the stripes are laying out, don't you?
all in all, so far i'm having a lot of fun with this kal.
it does take more concentration than the average sock pattern (as i can imagine)... i have done slipper socks, and i figure the construction is very similar to reg. socks... just smaller yarn, smaller needles. etc...
thinking that these socks require a grafting at the heel and short rows, is a little more intense for the sock.. but i'm loving the outcome. doesn't it look awesome? i just love watching the stripes show themselves this way.
i am feeling a pretty 70's retro vibe with these socks and we're getting along just great!...

i really wanted to use up all of the skein for the first sock, but i actually just got tired.. and wanted to wear it already. hahaha.. really though, i just about did use up all of the skein, there is only a few yards left.. to lengthen the leg, i just repeated rounds 3 and 4 of the increase mini gusset.

huge props to lana holden! i couldn't imagine designing this. :)
i admit, i have been fairly speedy this first week of knitting.. but rest assured, i do have another project that's requiring my attention. i have been so caught up in skew that the classic raglan pullover was only cast on at knit night! hahaah. thankfully this gorgeous sweater pattern is so wonderfully written out, and the sweater is knit on 5mm needles.. can you say speedy sweater?

i am definitely enjoying my first experience with socks. and i know i'll knit more. i'd love to try other patterns as well, of course. my pal mae is a crazy experienced sock knitter... but she's full on top down pattern. it's her fave... but i like her skews too. :)
and if you're just seeing this now, and want to join in on the kal, please do! it's going for the entire month of january, so you've got lots of time yet.
the pattern is skew by lana holden.

how are you doing with the kal so far? any blips that have you stuck? frustrated? are you loving the pattern? enjoying watching your yarn bloom into a wonderful stripey pattern? i'd love to hear how you're doing, and see some pics of your progress!
post a pic to your blog and or your ravelry page and mention it here so we can all see!xo


  1. Rebecca! Your sock looks AMAZING!!! I absolutely LOVE it! Squeeeee!!! And I'm soooo glad you like the pattern. I know Mae isn't much of a fan for it...which kinda bums me out, only cause I want everyone to love it as much as I do. But I know she's strictly a leg down kinda gal, so it doesn't bother me too much.

    I can't wait to see the finished pair! Now, does this mean someone is going to go on a sock knitting spree? ;)

    XXX ♥

  2. so.cool.

    It almost makes me want to make a pair...almost.

  3. melissa - hahah maybe? as long as the socks have a strict '70's vibe? hahaha. they are awesome.

    hannah - thanks! are you sure just almost? hahaha

  4. shan - hahah i think these would look awesome on you too. xo

  5. Cast on yesterday after FINALLY finishing the last of the holiday gifts. Made me super happy as these socks go a lot faster for me than the typical pattern. I think the need to pay attention to what I'm doing makes me knit faster. If you do get hooked on the sock knitting, I highly recommend Sensational Knitted Socks: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/sensational-knitted-socks. She breaks down the construction of socks and has charts so you can tailor your socks for any size using any gauge yarn.

  6. It looks soooooo good! i am in love with this sock yarn, seriously. Great job!

  7. Looks really great! Love your 70s stripes! I'm stuck on my 2nd sock that I started back in Oct, so I'd better finish that before I CO any more socks, but I think this is going in my queue. I love toe up!

  8. sara - yippee for finishing your holiday gifts! great job!!! i find that having to concentrate on what comes next in the pattern helps the sock to "happen" much more quickly too! thanks for the link on the socks! they look great!

    owlmazingmakes - thank you so much! i'm also lovin' these foot warmers ;)

    anonymous - i'm looovin' the '70's vibe.. you know it! you can finish your second sock!!! do it! then join on in on the kal! xo

  9. i've recently braved sock knitting - top down only. those needles are so tiny, i was seriously scared, but it turned out not so bad!
    you might have me convinced to try this pattern. I love the self-striping yarn you chose, especially over the one they used on the pattern.
    great job!

  10. Ms.Curdy - congrats on braving the sock knitting!! so exciting to try new things! thanks for the skew love. i'm really loving this yarn too :) xo

  11. Well I think I may try this pattern (but not for this KAL). I was perusing Ravelry and stumbled upon this blog where she knit them with a tonal variegated yarn...so pretty.

    Here's the link http://strickmich.frischetexte.de/?p=606
    I think you like it she's German but posts in both English & German.

  12. you're right, buffy! that sample is gorgeous!! thanks for sharing! xo


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