simple gifts...

i think that a lot of times when people think about gift giving, there's this label involved of how much do i need to spend, ....maybe it's just me who thinks that, i dunno... but the art of simple giving gets forgotten these days...
what with busy lifestyles, just trying to play catch-up... still paying for christmas...

my favourite form of gift-giving though is in the simple things. like bread.
it's one of the things i try to do. when i have friends over for the first time (or second, if i just didn't get around to baking)... i like to send them home with bread.
i'm not trying to toot my own horn here or anything... i just really enjoy giving bread.

i've been baking our bread from scratch for years now... and recipes generally make 2 loaves... so it's really not all that difficult to just wrap up a loaf for a friend.

but really though, is there anything much more comforting than sitting down with a friend, or in quiet solitude...  to fresh, warm bread, and a cup of tea?

well.. having some yarn and sticks close by, and a good book would be wonderful too, of course ;)

how about you? what's your "simple gift"? even if it's just watching someone's kids for a couple of hours, finding a good book for a friend, sending some tea their way.... a fave skein of yarn? come chat! the bread and the coffee is warm. xo


  1. Squeegie Beckenhiem10 January 2012 at 09:33

    I am definitely inviting myself over to your house if I'm in the area if fresh, homemade bread is sent home! Would you ever consider sharing some of your favorite bread recipes on the blog? I think the simple gifts are the nicest. They end up being the most meaningful. I've had a book to pass on to a friend for awhile now. You've inspired me to wrap it up pretty and drop it off when I pick my daughter up from school today! Thanks for the great posts! :-)

  2. crocheted dishcloths or random baked goodies are my go-to simple gifts.

    I bake at least once a week. My hubby has a sweet tooth and it's always nice to have something homemade to snack on.

    I think bread and hot cocoa go great together, esp. if the bread is crusty and slathered with nutella.

  3. Mmm bread is a beautiful gift. You know hours of care went into making it... AND baking.
    this past chrimbo I made tins of all sorts of cookies, a jar of pear vanilla honey and a cranberry loaf. It fun to do and SO very well recieved.

  4. I love baking bread, too. I am planning to make some to gift this week. Mmmm. There is nothing like the smell of baking bread. Have you seen Peter Reinhart's bread books? I use Artisan Breads Every Day all the time.

  5. squeegie - you are most welcome anytime! hrmm sharing my fave recipes is a thought! and an inspiration to try some new ones! you've got the gears movin' in my head now :)
    hannah - if i were at your house, i'd be eating non stop! i drool every time you talk about your baking. hahaha and now i want cookies. ;)
    sarah - don't even get me started on your bakings! i'm still wanting to eat more of that pumpkin shortbread tarts or whatever they were called.. they were just SOOOOO good! xo
    and you're right, the handmades are always so very well received... esp. food. ;)

  6. house full of jays - no i haven't seen peter reinhart's books.. i'll have to make a trip to the library, i can tell! i've heard of artisan breads every day... one i've really wanted to peruse over.... there are just so many delightful bread recipes out there!

  7. ohhh i love a good warm loaf with creamy butter... i have a neighbour who makes it for me along with to die for cabbage rolls yum. i'd really want to learn how to make bread myself so if you have a recipe that doesn't require a bread maker i'd love to try it.

  8. thanks sue! i'm definitely thinking about adding a bread recipe or two to the blog... i actually never use a bread maker... it's all by hand for me... ;) xo

  9. NOTHING is more delicious then fresh bread and butter....and yes, please share a recipe, I would love to try and make some as well.
    It's such a wonderful idea to give friends a loaf to take home, so thoughtful. I usually make pound cake (boring I know), but it is delicious.

  10. OOoo i wouldn't say no to a slice of pound cake! xo

  11. pickles! what a fabulous gift! yummm with a grilled cheese sandwich. love......


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