the big reveal!

can i hear a huge woot woot?!!? it's that time again!! luvinthemommyhood and i are hosting another kal! we had so much fun with the carefree cowl knit along, and we had a really hard time waiting for this one to start!
and so, without further ado....
let me introduce the:

i know you're excited now! what better timing, you're thinking, this is just what i needed! is what's going through your head right now, yeah.. we know...because for a lot of us, winter is only just starting to show it's ugly head.. we're gonna need these warm woolies... in this kal we're actually focusing on toques (hats) and mittens. you don't have to do both if you don't feel you have time, (or want to... some of us may not be toque people, it's ok) but there are just so many lovely options out there that shannon and i don't want to limit you to just one project. and if you're inspired, speedy, and just plain excited to do more than one project, then do it!!! we're excited to see how you'll warm up that topper of yours as well as your chilly fingers...

let me start off by showing you my top 9 mitts (both full-on and fingerless... some of us need to keep knitting at all times despite the cold) no. we're not crazy. not at all ;)

these are all just gorgeous. i love the colour work... something i have not done too much of, and cables. i think it's fun to play with texture, don't you?

and here are my top 9 toques... (hats for you non-canadians.. hee hee this girl's gotta stick to her roots!)

it's hard to narrow them down, that's for sure! i love that a toque can also be fashionable.. every one of these show that :)
it seems i'm either on colourwork, or texture.. yep that's my kick these days :)

these are only some of my favourites.. you choose whatever pattern you'd like so long as it's a hat or mitts :) it certainly doesn't have to be from my faves :) have fun with it! it can be any level as well.

some tips when looking for your pattern... do you already have yarn on hand? ravelry has a great method of searching for patterns through particular yarns, you can search for a pattern even by needle size, if you have a fave you love using. honestly. if you're not on ravelry yet, you really should be. it's free, and there are soooooooo many goodies in there! don't forget to pop in our ravelry thread too! everyone is so friendly and full of tips and advice and encouragement :) promises. if you're a beginner knitter, and have never tackled mitts or a toque before, try to stick to a pattern that's fairly basic... working with dpns and also a cable needle can be a little tricky at times.... if you're hands are not used to it.
biggest tip? make sure you do a gauge swatch. particulairly if you're swapping for a completely different yarn. you want to make sure you meet the required gauge in order to ensure a proper fit. it can be disappointing to find that you've bound off for your hat, and it's either never going to fit over your noggin, or it hangs below your eyes.
head on over to this post over on luvinthemommyhood for extensive tips on gauge... and when choosing your proper yarn, be sure to check out this post.

and if you looking for either shannon or i on ravelry, you can find shannon under "luvinthemommyhood" and me under "gundyknitter" and i promise we're here to help out as much as we can!

are you interested? wanna join? of course you do...
to sign up for this kal, shannon has created a form! easy peasy! click on the link below, and that will bring you straight to the form.

start date: january 11th, 2012 (and continuous until the deadline)
end date: february 8th, 2011
note.. you must be signed up to be entered into any giveaways.

that's not all! we know you love a good knit along!! be sure to check out our ravelry thread for encouragement, tips, and just plain good chatting :)

let's not forget the button! can't forget that!! shannon is so super talented. she's created another fab button for you to sport on your lovely blogs. either grab one below or over on luvinthemommyhood.
we are so excited for this kal! it's gonna be a good one.

i have a feeling this is gonna be a really good year! let's start it off warm and fashionable, shall we?
so grab your sticks and string, go sign up.. and let's get knitting! don't forget to go on over to luvinthemommyhood's post and catch her round-up of her fave toques and mitts!


  1. yayyyyyyyyyyyy.

    that is all.

  2. WOOT!!!!! This is just what I need :D you know I am so on board!


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