breather... and a vid.

taking a very small break today.. i hope you don't mind! we're actually in flight to see the inlaws. don't worry though... just taking today as a day off ...as it's a travel day. soo hard to post on travel days, don't you think?

sooo while i fly through the air.... i thought i'd leave you with a little knitting entertainment.
hope you like this... because i bet we can all relate... even if just a tinsy bit.. no? i'm sure you've seen this video before, it's nothing new.. but it's a gooder.
i'll be online a little later today. i'm dying to know what you've decided (if you have yet) to cast on for the KAL!

do you have any fave knitting videos? anything you can share? i'd love to know!


  1. I finished my Rae this morning and I don't want to part with it long enough to block it. I love it so much.

    Also cast on my campfire mitts, I love the pattern and the Noro is just so interesting to knit with. Yay.

    I asked the hubs to buy chocolate chips on the way home from work and he came home with chocolate chip cookie mix instead. Noelle got her little paws on it and opened it thinking there were actual cookies inside, so we ended up baking them together...I never use mixes but fresh cookies are never a bad thing!

  2. oh hannah, i can't wait to see pics of your rae! i just bet it's gorgeous!!! these campfire mitts.. hrmm i need to know what pattern you're knitting with!
    and oh, yes, i have to agree.... fresh cookies are a very difficult thing to say no to. (as i type this with a cookie IN MY MOUTH). bahahaha


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