weekend already?!

how is it friday already?! this week has flown by. we are actually away from home right now, visiting the inlaws.... and our little one is recieving many many many gifts and treats and cuddles
;) i'm really really hoping for some good knitting time this weekend. i need it.

 i've got a big goal in mind, and i hope i stick to it. here's hoping for a wee bit of rest too.... my sil is with me, and has experience in yoga instruction.. i could sure use some of that... so i think i'll beg her for a "home class", no?

apart from that, plans for this weekend also include a trip to the west edmonton mall... some fun bread baking with my sil.. i think we might even make up a recipe!! i'll be sure to let you know how that goes... and some swimming with the little man...
yep. looks like we've got a good weekend in store!

what do you have planned for this weekend? anything new and exciting? or just the same, comforting weekend plans :) we're only an hour ahead for my body's time clock but man i'm beat. here's to a good rest this weekend! xo (knitting included)
p.s. i just realized it's friday the 13th... are you superstitious?


  1. I hope you have a good weekend! You should definitely have a home yoga session! :) I'm not superstitious but today it is A) friday the 13th, B) a snow storm, and C) my day off SO I think I will be staying warm inside and knitting!

  2. I was born on June 13 so I've had Friday the 13th birthdays!

    We've had a couple of icky days inside. I love the rain but it makes for some really stir-crazy kids! the sun is out and we're going to take full advantage of it today (at least until this momma runs out of steam)

    Weekend plans are the same as usual...but I'm super excited to have cast on Habitat hat. I was a little apprehensive of the charts, but I'm actually loving trying something new.

    Campfire mitts is the name of the pattern, it is one of the patterns shannon posted in her KAL post.

  3. Squeegie Beckenhiem13 January 2012 at 11:26

    Hey! You're in my neck of the woods. That's so cool! If you weren't busy visiting family, I'd try to lure you over with some fresh baked something. :-)

  4. owlmazingmakes - eeks! a very good day to be inside knitting. perfect plan!
    hannah - silly me, i should have realized what the campfire mitts are.. blushing with embarrassement now. hahaha and i can't wait to see how your habitat looks! i'm sure it will be amazing! it's such a gorgeous pattern!
    squeegie - i would LOOOVE some handmade goodies!!! sigh, one day when we come for a longer visit, i will totally look you up! xo


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