daydreaming ? oops.

i love thinking of the perfect knitting evening. there is a fireplace involved, i'm probably in a log house and probably a rocking chair... it's snowing outside, i can smell the christmas tree... and it's a toss up of whether or not music is playing softly or i'm watching bridget jones' diary. probably the latter. ;) and there's a drink somewhere close by.... for certain.... and i've probably on my second.. bahah.

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*smack* ok. in reality world now. :)  how's your christmas crafting coming along? because i really didn't go all out this year (and for very good reason), my list of FO's are little...  but i thought this was the perfect opportunity to share with you a gift a made for my nieces 2 years ago. it was really a labour of love.. that year it was all about the kids... and then the year after that, i went crazy.. everyone got a handmade gift. ok but back to the girls...
not to toot my own horn, but it really was one of those gifts that lit up their eyes.. their smiles were so big, and the cuddles were priceless. loove...

i had never made a doll like these before. but there's really something to be said for a handmade doll, with dress and undies and everything. you know? there are so many toys out there that have replaced the favourite doll, it seems... my owen has his muno.. but that's a different post. :)

i named these dolls after the girls. and even stitched their names on their undies :)

i enjoyed knitting these little cuties, but after a little while, i was hating the seams. :) i decided to treat them as one project, so all limbs were knitted first, and all the seaming was done at the same time too... maybe next time it would be better to space that out :)
but here are the deets:
pattern: sally, the eco fairy by jennie eveleigh lamond.
yarn: sirdar snuggly dk
needle: 3.0mm

i remember finding the yarn to be so uber soft. i loved knitting with it. and i love the colour selection too... it's a small needle though! eeks!
but you know, it's been 2 years now... i think i'm ready to make another soon... one for me. because i would like a  knitted doll...
you know.. just 'cause :) this pattern is a good one, but so is this one..

Leif & Astrid by: Jennie Eveleigh Lamond
yeah. i've got me some knitting to do :) hahaa. and now maybe i should be picking up those sticks and finish up some pressies! these dolls? no. maybe next year though.

how are things coming along for you? are you letting yourself breathe a little now? or is it a tough push to the end? i'd love to hear how you're doing! xo


  1. The dolls are priceless, both the ones you knitted and this new version! I still can not believe how much you can knit, I don't think I'll ever be that fast.
    My progress has been somewhat slow. I am trying really hard to finish the Owlet sweater for my niece, but it'll be close. I have not had time to keep up with my favorite blogs or ravelry...can't wait to be able to sit down and relax....maybe in 2012!?

  2. My perfect knitting evening: a warm fire, pretty vintage plate of gingerbread, bottle (not glass - haha) of red wine, and my yarn and sticks. Listening to Christmas music or watching When Harry Met Sally. Or Pride and Prejudice.

    I'm just trying to stay motivated to finish the projects I've started. I'll have the 12 hour drive to my parents house to work on some stuff. I may scrap the shawl for my mom and make a Rae instead with the Noro fingering I bought for it. What do you think?

    I also bought some "cluster stuff" so I'm excited to get Love-botting!

    meh. As if on cue, Ellie just woke up.

  3. monica - remember i knitted these dolls 2 years ago, and they were the main gift for christmas. i had only knitted one other toy... and that was it for gift crafting that year... so i had more time to knit them :) not being able to keep up with all of your fave blogs or ravelry probably means that you're getting lots done for christmas! haha (but i love that you're popping in here) and i agree, in 2012 there should be some massive catchup on blogs.

    hannah- you are my kinda girl! we should absolutely knit together! Yay for love-botting! hahaha. how big was the shawl again that you were thinking of knitting for your mom? I find the rae totally addicting to knit,and i love it... does the shawl have a lot of detail to it? i almost am thinking rae.. because it's mindless, and enjoyable, and you don't have to worry about losing your place, especially if you've got kiddos to entertain in the long car ride... xo

  4. I made a doll for my niece for her birthday one year. It was from a Lucinda Guy book, And So To Bed..., I love that book honestly. Last year I made the Bella Bunny for Elsa and the skirt was a labor of love...I figured there were over 2,000 stitches in that tiny skirt. But she does love it :)

    Maybe we should have a Knit A Toy Knit Along/Sew Along? I could make a few :)

  5. ohhh buffy! that sounds like a good idea! hrmmm :)

  6. Oh, how I did I miss commenting here yesterday...I think I just got too excited daydreaming about those viking girls! The dolls are so cute - love the undies! :)

  7. haha thanks! yep those vikings will have to be next, i think:)


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