diving in!

i have to be honest with you... i forgot that i wasn't on holidays. bahah. the hubs is home, and we started our weekend in full force with christmas activities. there are lots of things going on... parades, train rides, we'll be going to see the lights on the navy ships at some point... yes, very busy... it's so wonderful!
and our kitchen has been a busy place as well!

we've tackled luvinthemommyhood's recipe for nuts & bolts. sooo good!
and late last night, the hubs and i made sweedish meatballs. an old family recipe from his side. they are goo-oood...  these babies take a while to make. once the mixture for the balls are done you have to stick it in the fridge for a couple of hours before rolling them. after you bake them, they are served with a cream-based gravy. i'm not gonna say what they *might* threaten to do to my waistline though. haha. but 'tis the season, right? :)

 today, i'm going to make buns in preparation for christmas dinner, and i'm totally gonna tackle misocrafty's recipe for homemade turtles. ohman. i hope they last until christmas :) but to be honest, i seem to have my doubts ;)

as for the knitting front....

.... well i'm having to completely re-do the hubs' gift. he totally knows i'm knitting him a toque.. i finished one for him... and he tried it on before i was going to sew up the brim... and has decided it is too big. le sigh... it's not so bad though. i found "joe" by jane richmond to be a nice, relaxing knit.
as for knitting something for myself? umm that will happen in a while i suppose...

but all in all we're getting into the christmas spirit here:) we've been getting lots of mail! :)

checking out the lights before the firetruck light parade.

the only thing missing is snow :) we've got lots more planned this week, and we're having a blast... as for getting enough sleep? meh, there's always next year. lol.

hope you are enjoying a wonderful season so far, and that you are able to take time to enjoy the festivities around you. how's the crafting coming along? some favourite recipes being worked on? i'd love to hear how you're doing! xo


  1. So glad you liked the nuts and bolts! Yum! I need to make mine soon.

  2. Packages are the best kind of mail to get!!

  3. shannon - they're uber yummy! and since they make so much, i'll send some along with jane xo
    rosa - owen was sooo excited when he opened up those boxes. haha. he almost pooped himself. but not really.


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