first of all, i have to apologize for this post taking so long to get up. :) it's tricky business editing photos of a secret gift when the recipient is in the same room, and always running up to ask for help, or just to talk, generally... ;)
but without further ado... wanna see what i've been up to these late nights?

it seems this little guy likes coffee as much as i do.. i guess he's tired too. haaa.... but after he had his morning bevvy, he warmed up to the photo shoot... speaking of which, the reason for the bad lighted window sill shoots is because it was the only place i could "set up" without owen knowing about it.... and it was only just getting light... so there's that.

the deets? pattern is louie the lovebot. my first rebecca danger pattern! definitely not the last!
yarn: paton's decor
needle: 3.75mm

he was really fun to make! and now that i've made him, i was thinking of casting on for a second one... with a heart this time... and i'd also remember to put the eyes down a little lower... but still, i love this one. he's cute.
and i hope owen loves him too.

yeah... this guy's a poser.

as for my other projects? yikes. i do have a hat on the needles, and i finished a sweater for owen already.... but i'm not sure what else i'll get up to doing. i really want to make more of these guys though.. maybe the nieces and nephew would like one? :) of course, they'd be late for christmas, but that's totally ok.
i'm also realllly wanting to cast on for a sweater for myself. but it's gonna have to wait as i'll be knitting up a store sample first, cause i'll be teaching it in the new year! woot woot!!!

the class schedule is up! and even if you're struggling with last minute gift ideas, what about a class?

anyhoo, off to think of some other patterns to possible tackle. to be honest, because i wasen't feeling so well for a little while, i've really missed knitting! (even though i haven't really stopped) you know i'm passionate when.. lol....

only 9 days left! what have been some of your most enjoyable patterns for gifts so far? any that you think i should tackle? i'd love to find a cool bookmark pattern for the hubs... anyone know of any? xo


  1. Very cute! What a great gift... he's going to LOVE it!! Be sure to take a picture of the big opening. ;)

  2. oh.mah.gah. I think really really (as opposed to last week's really) have to make one now. I love the colors you chose, and Noelle's been bugging me about making a robot for her. I know it will be well loved. Lamest excuse for not making one, I don't have any stuffing in the house. I'll just have to get my butt in gear and go to Michael's.
    I am putting my shop on hold so I can fully concentrate on getting my gifts done. I'm not worried, I'm rather excited to plunge in. Weekend, here I come!

  3. thanks rosa and hannah! i'll be sure to take a pci. hannah what are your projects this weekend? i'm actually thinking of making another robot... haha a little buddy... xo

  4. cute, cute, cute....you're just amazing :O)

  5. I just bought the Louie the Lovebot pattern, I'm trying to finish my Rae for my sister-in-law. I have some pretty DK wool, debating over which cowl pattern to use it for (Honey Cowl or Stockholm). I won a free pattern from Celebrate Color that I wanted to use for my mom's present but haven't received it yet, I might have to choose a different pattern for her.
    My sister and I usually do some Christmas cookie-ing but she's out of town (in Toronto actually for an audition, she's a violinist), so I might make a batch or two, nothing crazy.

  6. Super cute Rebecca! I've always wanted to knit a Danger Monster, but am always intimidated by the amount of finishing there is to do for one. Even though you could technically shove it all inside and hide them all. I think it's the sewing involved...

    I really like how the eyes aren't in the middle, I think it makes him look innocent. I love how each monster takes on a personality of their own! Can't wait to see the next one you make! :)

  7. rebecca danger's patterns sure are cute!! it is a fair amount of weaving in, but honestly, it's worth it.
    hannah - i miss music so much! i have a girlfriend who lives in toronto as a professional musician. sigh... miss it so much. i say go ahead and bake lots anyways though! you could always send extra goodies to victoria ;) haaa haaa.
    melissa - i kinda like how his eyes are not in the middle too.... and isn't it true that the monsters totally take on a personality of their own!? love it. i should make a whole gaggle of them... it's a gaggle of monsters, right? hahah. hrmm what would the grouping be called i wonder?
    thanks everyone for the sweet comments! i'll for sure have to make more now! xo

  8. he's a cutie! Aidan is into Robots too, so maybe after Christmas?? I am sooooo behind on my Christmas knitting. Aidan just turned 4 yesterday and the party prep took a lot longer then I thought. Oh well, maybe calling in sick one day this week will put me back on track...or is that too obvious??

  9. monica i totally understand the extra stresses of birthdays right at christmas time :) owen's bday is jan 3rd. and we're having to dash off today to book a venue.. hopefully it's not already booked. eeks! the nice thing with our kiddos, is that they're so excited whenever we give them gifts.. after christmas would be perfect! you sure should take a day to yourself this week! it's a good idea. xo


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