giving thanks

i grew up in a house with norman rockwell books and illustrations. there is something very familiar, and soothing to his paintings, i think. i loved growing up in the country.... where the house was in need of repair... lots of character to it... which.. to me... makes it cozy. it was a little chaotic at times, and messy... but these pictures just always fit in... and felt good. and you know, there's just a way he drew that made me thankful for family... you know? just the things that remind you of what's really important.
Source: art.com via Joy on Pinterest

i stumbled upon this pic, and i'm sure it's one many of you have already seen. i love it.
this weekend is the Canadian thanksgiving!
and we're so happy to have the hubs home for it! (he was away last year)... so i'm excited to make a thanksgiving meal! ...and though we don't have the farmhouse...yet... i'll be enjoying a handmade, thanksgiving.... with a little norman rockwell ;)

Source: google.ca via Rebecca on Pinterest

here's wishing you a wonderful weekend! full of family, laughter, and love.

Source: google.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

it's a long weekend for us...so i'll be back in this space on tuesday!

do you have any plans for this upcoming weekend? are you also a fan of norman rockwell? i'd love to hear what crafty things you'll be up to this weekend. i've got lots planned for myself! come chat! i'll save a piece of pumpkin pie for you. xo


  1. Oh I love Norman Rockwell! There was a buffet that my family would go to when I was still at home that had pictures of his on the wall. My dad's favorite was the big family dinner one, where everyone is looking at the giant turkey except one guy who was looking at the 'camera' in the corner. Mine is the one with the dr looking at the little girl's dolly...so sweet.

    Happy Thanksgiving and go ahead and eat my slice of pie...you deserve it :)

  2. those are awesome pics. i love the pic of the doctor checking the dolly... have a wonderful weekend, buffy! .... i'm sure we'll chat over the weekend. xo

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Rebecca! Hope you have a wonderful and yummy weekend! :)

  4. thank you melissa! you too!!

  5. Our house had lots of Norman too, pictures, puzzles, etc... Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  6. A very happy thanksgiving to you too, Rosa! Norman just seems to make things so cozy and family-like, hey?


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