where's my stretchy pants?

....only because i want more pie. bahahah. :)

well, i'm back from the turkey coma... of sorts.:) we had chicken. but it was still yummy! and now we're scarfing down the sandwiches, and i've got the carcass boiling on the stove. yep. it sounds gross, but it makes the best soup. and i loooove the smell in the house right now. so cozy.

i wasn't sure if i'd be too upset about not having an actual turkey.. they were just too big for our little fam.. but you know what? i didn't miss it at all. and we have much less meat to deal with now.

so all in all the weekend was great! also i taught 2 classes. can we say fun?! we had a blast!! it was all about jane richmond this weekend.

everyone had a wonderful time. and i'm impressed with the progress that some made! much of the yarn being used in the class is sweet georgia. yep!! you read that right, the cloth castle is now carrying sweet georgia yarns! i am so excited about this! i really am! i just kept wanting to go around the table to ooohh and aaahhh and drool a little (don't worry, i didn't) over all of the gorgeous yarns. these are going to be such delicious scarves. i can't wait to see them all!

i'd say this thanksgiving weekend was a success ;) i'm full, and the hubs was home, we played soccer, and i got to knit.

how was your weekend? did you get some crafting done? did you canadian readers have a good thanksgiving? (my aunt and uncle live in texas, but still celebrate canadian thanksgiving... love it!.. any excuse to have turkey ;) i'd love to hear about your weekend! xo


  1. Yes - your aunt and uncle in TX did have a good Thanksgiving Sunday - an opportunity to worship at our home church, some delish turkey breast, some BC cranberry sauce (courtesy of Anna from when she lived there), some time to be together, and a whole day of rain (we are seriously deprived of it and desperately need more). So all in all a good day - no crafting though! :) I do admire what you do!

  2. I worked all weekend so for me, thanksgiving is a state of mind, not a turkey cause we didn't have any time for it. Still working on my baby hats and will continue until end of Oct. then finish my other glove, make gloves for my daughter (cause she's jealous of my gloves) and then on to the rae. - Bernice

  3. Oooh, it looks like you had a fantastic weekend. Knitting and eating with extra family time...sounds like heaven. I had a decent weekend, but the baby didn't want to sleep so we were more than a little tired. He did sleep all night last night...here's hoping more of that comes my way :)


  4. Thanks everyone! i had a wonderful weekend! feeling soooo tired today. must be just getting back into routine :) I'm so glad to hear that everyone had a nice weekend! xo


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