another knit along!!!!

are ya in? yeah you are :)

this time it's cowls! you remember the summer sweater knit a long with luvinthemommyhood, right? well shannon and i have decided to join forces to do another one! this one is the carefree cowl knit along! how fun!!! to make things simpler just head on over to luvinthemommyhood for all of the posts and sign up info. also be sure to check out luvinthemommyhood's ravelry group.  we'll have a thread set up for you shortly all on the carefree cowl KAL. it's a great space to chat about what we're knitting up, and talk yarns, frustrations, loves.. etc.. just a great space for us to help eachother out with our projects.

i'll be a lucky guest poster every once in a while!
so to start things off.... wanna see some of my faves? i say some.. because really, it's so hard to narrow it down! i love that you can either go with only one solid colour, or mix 'em up. it's like having a mini blanket around your neck.

 source: 1. lionbrand.com 2. stockholm scarf. ravelry.com
i looove cowls. you can still have the look of a super bulky scarf, but not worry about those long tassles getting stuck in the car door.. or stepping on them... or unwrapping itself from you when you're trying to pick up groceries or kids or something... (what.. you know it's happened). haha. ok ok so maybe i'm exaggerating a little bit... but really i do love cowls! i think they're practical.... (truth be told, i actually love scarves too... but we're talking cowls here) haha. so let's stay focused. i think i like cowls so much because they're a lot quicker to knit up... and they're such pretty accessories! i do have to say that lately, i am a fan of the uber bulky cowl... they're just such quick and satisfying knits!

source: 1. happiknits (etsy) 2. melodyjoy1983 (etsy) 3. TickledPinkKnits (etsy)

however i seem to be dangerously intrigued by this one...

i know.. i have no time to knit something with this much detail right now, but how beautiful is this!? soo gorgeous. this is the Inspira Cowl by celery stalked. there seems to be so many options for this pattern!

i haven't yet decided on the cowl i'll be knitting up... so i'll have to choose quickly!

source: 1. LuluandLoie (etsy) 2. YesJess (etsy)

the start date for the KAL is today! yep. today. (these babies won't take you long, so don't fret)... and the end date is november 9th.  so grab those sticks, and head on over to

to sign your name up for this awesome KAL. also don't forget to check out shannon's round up of fave cowls too!

I'm already excited to see what you create! this is the perfect timing i think, once it's done the cool weather will start to kick in.. and you'll be snug as a bug in your fab fashionable cowl! let me know if you're up for this! i'd love to chat with you.. and don't forget to head on over to sign up!xo


  1. i love your round up, the last 2 are really chunky and cool!!

  2. You know I'm in! I've been waiting for this post like crazy! I've pretty much decided which pattern I want to make...just have to buy it :/ Well, here's to another accessory.

  3. yay buffy! what pattern are you going to be using?

  4. I just signed up, and I'm ready to go. Your choices are beautiful. If I had more time I would probably knit up a few more...a girl can never have enough cowls, I agree!
    So what are you going to make??

  5. thanks monica! eep! i still don't know what i'll knit up! i had better decide soon! Which pattern have you decided on?

  6. I just saw your choice...a very fine one I might add. I always find the choice of yarn the scary one, but the one in your photo...amazing. and the color is gorgeous. Luscious yarn like this is work using on smaller projects, at least like that they are more approachable!
    I have decided in the Big Herringbone Cowl, and I really hope that I have not bitten off more then I can chew with this....never attempted this kind of stitch before, but hey, I am living dangerously. I'll post about it on the weekend!

  7. oh monica that's a pretty one for sure! i'm still on the fence with the yarn. shipping is $12 eep! so i'll be looking at over $40 for the skein. crazy. i'm looking forward to your post! xo

  8. Ooohhh...what fun! I just might have to join in on this KAL...if I can just make up my mind as to what pattern I want to make! I know I definitely have a ton of cowl patterns queued. I guess I should hurry and make up my mind, I've already lost a few days knitting time!

  9. wee melissa! yes! join on in!

  10. thanks for the shoutout!!! i love ALL these cowls :)

  11. melody, you are most welcome! love your shop, and your blog too, of course ;)


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