wouldn't you know that the cowl i've chosen to knit for the carefree cowl knit along wasn't even in my round up yesterday?! hahaha. but i like to surprise you like that.

i have to say i'm really drawn to this one... it's so simple, but i love the shaping of it! also, i think i could wear this with more outfits...

Source: purlbee.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

...this is the bandana cowl  by the purl bee  and i think it's just so cool! i love the concept. ... surprisingly, this cowl hasn't been knit up all that much! (well that's just based on what i see in ravelry)  but here's where the tricky decisions come in... and if any of you have advice.. i'd love to hear it!...it's which yarn to use. the suggested yarn by the purl bee is a pricey one.. and one i'd have to buy online... i don't have any problems buying yarn online... but it's just whether or not i should. haha. also, if i've never knit with the yarn before, it's a scary purchase! what if i don't like it?  when it's just one skein, i don't mind splurging...  especially if it's going around my neck... but i need to know if this is a good yarn.
so here's my question to you... have you knit with swan's island bulky before? at almost $32 a skein, i'd like to know how awesome it is... the pattern only calls for one though. so that's good...  :)
and well i'm drawn to this colour....

isn't it pretty? so what do you think? it's called winterberry. yummmm
good choice? or look for something closer to home? the skein is 100 grams, 130 yards. and is made up of 100%  organic merino.
but wouldn't it just look fab knitted into this? yes...

source: purlbee.com

i think i'm in love... i just am not sure on the yarn...

are you enjoying the process of deciding on a pattern and the yummiest yarn to work with? are you as excited for the carefree cowl knit along as i am? we're sure excited by the quick response so far! come chat with me on yarns. i'd love to hear what you have to say! xo


  1. Love it! This a great pattern too! Will look fab on you!

  2. thanks!! i'm excited about it!

  3. I am in love with this cowl! Great choice Becca. And you know how much I love red, I nearly drooled at your colour choice :)

  4. haha jane. it's a pretty one! but shipping is $12! eeekk!! i'm on the fence... but i looove it so much! xo

  5. Well here's my 2 cents. If you're gonna splurge on yarn go for the Sweet Georgia, you know you want to. Then if you love the pattern you can see if you can get a better deal on the yarn.

    Side note: did you check ravelry about the yarn? People rate it so there's a resource for reviews, plus you can see if anyone has stashed it but is willing to sell. Often times people buy too much yarn for a project or change their mind & have *gasp* unwanted yarn.

  6. that's a very good point, buffy... but i looked up the sweet georgia. her bulkiest yarn (unless i looked at it wrong) isn't bulky enough.. and it's a little pricier. how delish would it be though?! eep!! also, lucky me still has yarn owed to me from the cloth castle, and they'll be getting another shipment of sweet georgia in. squeee!
    the idea of checking out people's stashes in ravelry didn't occur to me! i'll check that out! thanks miss! xo

  7. It's a cowl...and a little math won't hurt right? Especially if you get to use your dream yarn. If you do go with the sweet georgia and need math help shoot me a message...it's my thing :)

  8. I've never knit with Swan's Island before, but that colour is gorgeous!! I know that buyiing yarn online can be a little iffy, especially if you've never touched/seen it before. At the same time, I think anything you see on The Purl Bee is going to be utterly luxurious.

    I agree that when it comes to being wrapped around your neck you should splurge a little. Nothing's worse than knitting up a beautiful accessory only to find that it's sooo scratchy that you can't even wear it for longer than 5 minutes! I also agree that splurging on a single skein for a project is ok...the way I see it, if you go to a store and you bought a lux cowl there you'd probably be spending just as much if not more. Right?

    Ok...I sound like I'm enabling! If you think the final price of the yarn (don't forget to include the shipping costs and the currency conversion!!) is worth it for the one project, I say go for it. If you're still on the fence, maybe look into Malabrigo? I think Chunky would work, and maybe Rios? I have to admit that while I would never knit socks out of Malabrigo, it would definitely be heaven around your neck! Like cuddling a little cloud!!

    Good luck with deciding! Can't wait to see what you end up using!!

  9. buffy - you are my math girl, that's for sure!!
    melissa - i hadn't considered malabrigo. i've only used the sock yarn with malabrigo.. hrmm i'll look into it. it looks like the cost of the yarn and shipping would be $43 .... ugh. i loooove the yarn soo much! hahha. def keep you posted.

  10. I saw this on Purlbee, and just have to try and make it. I found the perfect yarn at Hobby Lobby. I am going to do it!

  11. weee that's so exciting! what yarn and what colour is it in?? i think it's such a fab pattern!


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