a good kind of tired...

honestly... friday couldn't get here faster... soo needing to rest this weekend! (and knit)... and rest. :)

i had a great week! even though it was short, and we are lacking on sleep....my little man was a gem. he really was. but life just stacks right up, and maybe there's something about being spoiled with a long weekend that makes it just that much harder to get back on track. at any rate.. i want a fluffy pillow... and my cozy cardi... ;)

we didn't expect the hubs to come home this weekend, but their plans have changed on the ship.. and we get to see him! yippee! and he's promised me that i can lock myself up in the craft room/office and just knit!
because i have some news for you....

it's official, i'll be a vendor at my first craft fair! i'm pretty excited about it, actually.. and now that i have a real deadline... i'm able to be more productive than ever.. (i seem to work well under pressure).
the market is called "Handmade for the Holidays" winter market. and will be held in nanaimo (just a we bit up island, here on the west coast) on dec.3. so i've got to get busy!
this market is being planned by the felted fern. i'm so excited! this will be the first handmade for the holidays market, and i can't wait to see it grow over the years.

but this means i'm also in the "good-kind-of-panic" mode. haha. it's only just weeks away, and i've got some serious knitting to get done in the meantime. so i've made the decision to be visiting this space 3 or 4 times a week instead of 5. just until christmas. then i'll be back mon-fri. and i promise to keep you posted on all of my knitterly progress. :) i know you don't mind....right?

Source: google.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

and who knows, if i'm more organized than ever, i might just show up a little more often! i still just wanted to let you know of the plan though. cause i'm nice like that. ;)

what are your plans for the weekend? are you involved in any markets this year? what's your plan of attack? i'd love to hear what you're creating! i always have time to chat with you, so come on by and grab a coffee. i like your company. xo


  1. Your going to have to let me baby sit your cutie more when your hubs is at work or sea! But it's good Les will be home this week-end.


  2. aww thanks bernice! it sure was such a treat to have you watch owen a few hours! you're the best! xo

  3. I like your company too:) That's so exciting about the craft fair, you will do great! Good luck preparing for it. Thanks for your comment too! I'd love to visit Victoria, if I'm ever out that way I'll for sure let you know:) Have a fun weekend with your knitting!

  4. wee sarah! you are more than welcome, you know that! xo

  5. That is really exciting news. But yes, you must rally forces now and get ready. I hope you will be giving us all the details. I find when I am working on a project with a deadline, I set daily goals. Like, so many rows per day or something like that. At least that way you keep up a certain pace.
    Good luck, and tell us more about it.

  6. thank you, monica! i'm very excited. i really need to set a goal focused schedule. i feel like my hands will be busy constantly now. ;) of course, i'll be sure to keep you posted! xo


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