quiet today...

taking a breath today... it's been busy, and with the hubs away, i'm one tired momma..... owen has been a sweetie, but you mamas know, and my "me" time after the kiddo is in bed is being filled with things that "have" to be done instead.. ;)
so today... i'm taking some time to cuddle, and knit, and wind yarn.

i'm taking a catch-up day. and i know you understand ;) we've got a big weekend coming up! it's Canadian thanksgiving! (but everyone should celebrate it, because another excuse to have turkey, and stuffing... well hecks yes!) so this is the only day to take that breather...
do you remember this?

well i'm hoping to be winding away! i've got plans for the blue yarn! ;) 

this weekend is also full of classes too! so i'm taking a mini break from the blog... but i'm still working away here... i promise ;)

and you know, it's good to take a day... how about you? what are you up to today? any yarn winding? i'd love to know what you're up to! and ... well, i'm always up for a chat! xo


  1. Oh, the ever elusive "me" time....Like you said once the little one is in bed, you've still got a pile of things to do, and when those are finally finished (if they get finished), I am usually so tired, that it takes me 10 minutes to knit 1 row.....
    I've been working on the Levenwick cardigan while waiting for Shannon to kick off the next KAL.
    So what's that blue yarn going to be???

  2. monica, that sweater is gorgeous! what colour is yours in again? (i can't remember if you've told me already) :) i'm fairly excited about the next KAL as well... i can promise you it will be a good one ;)
    the blue yarn... well, i'm going to cast on another rae! haha i'm in the jane richmond group on ravelry, and we're doing a rae KAL. it just has to be done by the end of the month. how pretty will that be though? le sigh. i know i have plenty of yarn for it though... i think even double the amount. here's hoping i get some good winding in!

  3. Oooh I think I know what you're making with the blue yarn ;) I'm so excited for Thanksgiving!! Took my turkey out of the freezer yesterday and put it in the fridge, and I'm working on some pumpkin yumminess today. Say hi to Oh Oh from Ro Ro LOL!

  4. amy - hahah absolutely! maybe the boys can have a skype date today? i've decided to do a chicken for thanksgiving.... they didn't have the roasts in yet, and the turkeys were starting at 8lbs! i'm so excited for the smells of thanksgiving! yummmmm

  5. *Ahhhh* Breathing room :)

    Ry gets home tonight as well, so I'm having a banana-scone baking/yarn winding/hand-stitching my quilt binding party myself!

    I cant wait to see what you have in store for that lovely yarn!

  6. Oooohhhh banana-scones?! sounds yummy! i wish my yarn winding wasn't so slow going... it's all tangled, so a swift won't do... just a lot of patience. but it's such nice yarn, that it will sooo be worth it. can't wait to see your quilt! what are you going to be knitting next?
    i've been very lazy on the cooking front this week... i'll make up for it this weekend with thanksgiving ;)

  7. This might sound weird, but I actually like untangling yarn! Can't wait to see your finished FO with that gorgeous yarn!!

  8. melissa - haha, i'm trying not to be too frustrated... and i'm not minding it all that much... one of my gals at knit night also loves untangling yarn. hahah.


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