did you know???

... that i lived in germany, a lifetime ago. just for a year. i picked up the language fairly well. although the majority of the friends i had there were from commonwealth countries, i became good friends with a German girl. and we spoke German all the time. honestly. very little English made it into our vocabulary.

i was an au pair. it was for 2 boys.  all grown up now... and i wonder what they're up to. but oh the memories i still have! i soo want to go back!
i always felt very "at home" there. i enjoyed the challenges of learning a new language, and meeting new friends. but there also seemed something so special about being there. i loved every walk i went on. to be surrounded by such incredibly beautiful buildings and scenery. oh, i know.. Canada is beautiful too! but something about Germany just took my breath away.

Source: google.ca via Rebecca on Pinterest

honestly... i really do think about this a lot. maybe one day, when kids are grown, and the hubs and i can take off on a trip of our own? who knows...

in the mean time though, i've decided to take some classes again. yep! apparently there's a conversational school for german here! so i'm going to look into it. let's call it a new year's resolution, shall we? 'cause i can't start until the new year, probs.

so.. now you know. :) and to my friends who are still in Germany... i have not forgotten... one day, i'll come back!

is there somewhere you miss so very much? a place you feel that one day you will return to.. but don't know when? it's a good day for a chat and a cup of coffee... i'm all ears!xo


  1. I am dying to go to Germany one day. MAybe we should take a knitting excursion there one day when we are rich and famous?
    Ich liebe dich my love!

  2. ohmy!!! yes! LETS PLEASE DO THAT!!!
    and then i would never leave. hahaha.
    so viele leibe fur dich!

  3. I'm dying to go back to Canada...more specifically Victoria Island :) I hear there are some crazy knitting shops, fabulous fabric stores, the thrifting is fantastic and the people sweeter than a dark chocolate mousse!

    Though after that I'd love to travel to Ireland and Australia and Alaska...

  4. Wie sch oen! I feel that way about Switzerland, which is where my father's family is from. I just always feel at home there. I have a dream of one day living in Switzerland (or Germany) so my daughter can learn the language and I can brush up on my skills and speak like a native!

  5. buffy :) you should most definitely come out this way, pick us up, then let's all head on over to Europe!
    erika - my sister lived in Switzerland for a few months. her pictures are gorgeous! A lot of similarities to Germany, for sure. And how wonderful to be multilingual. I love love that idea.

  6. These pictures are so lovely- I would love to visit Germany some day! I was just looking at old pictures of my trip to Spain and thinking about how much I missed that place!

    star-crossed smile

  7. Nnenna - i never made it to spain! i really wish i had... i think a big Europe is in order! how long were you in spain for?

  8. i also was an au pair in Germany (Essen)- for 2 girls, then lived 2 more years in Konstanz. your post and pictures surely made me nostalgic... What town did you live in?

  9. Honestly your post made me tear up! My grandmother is German, and as a child I spent my summers in her home-town, Schwerin. We stopped going when I was 11, and her sister died. I have wanted to go back ever since, I have such amazing memories of those times!

  10. olgaplus - i lived in goettingen. the snowy picture is actually of the square there. i miss it so! how wonderful you could spend so long there!
    monica - what wonderful summer memories you have! there really is something special about Germany to me. and i feel very strongly that i have to go back... i'm sure you will too!

  11. I really wish I had spent more time in Germany. I've only been to Frankfurt, but only because I was heading somewhere else from there. Instead of exploring Germany I decided to spend more time in Belgium and Italy. Oh well, maybe one day...

    I really miss Finland. The people, the atmosphere, the pastries...I LOVE their sense of family and their need to be active in sports. And how crazy Finns can be! Like eating ice cream while window shopping in the dead of winter! :p I will admit though that my heart is in England. I felt SO at home every time I was in London. It was like I belonged there. So sad to have to leave the places you love. :(

  12. melissa - i know what you mean about feeling so at home even when you're so very far away. i felt exactly that way in Germany. i really think i'm destined to go back. :)

  13. As a military brat, I spent 3 years in Germany (10-12 years old) and loved every minute of it! I knew enough German to get around, and understood more than I spoke, but I'm afraid it's rather rusty now. I want to go back so so very much!!! so maybe working on German again is a good "appetizer" to take the edge off of the wanderlust until it is more possible. =)

  14. prim.rose - what wonderful memories you must have of your time in Germany! i agree that for now, trying to take lessons, and just hearing the language might get me by until i can take a trip :) which part of Germany did you live in?


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