hello monday :)

what?! is it monday already!? uhhh i don't remember it being a weekend. le sigh. that means it was good and busy. i had a great weekend, actually.. and we're on the mend! (mostly). still not up to the very late craft sessions.. but i still have time. ... totally...
and now that i'm starting to feel better, i'm really beginning to get into the christmas spirit! yeah, i'm starting to get excited now!

we were playing christmas music all weekend, and baking started happening! woot woot! i made chewy gingerbread cookies. umm YUM.
and i actually started some christmas gifts! haha yes a little late.. but it's ok. i like to power knit. you know that. but i'm not a superhuman knitter - despite what you've heard.. hahah.... here's what i would totally make if i had the time and patience :)

Source: flickr.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

and i would totally rock this. just sayin'.

wouldn't this make any outfit perfect for a christmas party?

honestly though, i'm a busy girl! lots of knitting to be done... and i'll show you peeks of it soon! and i'm doing some work on the etsy shop today too :) so i've gotta fly.
but remember today is the last day for my giveaway!! if you want to win that gorgeous cowl go check this post out!! and speaking of giveaways, the lovely liisa from the blog socks-a-plenty has a super cool giveaway going on now. i almost didn't want to tell you, 'cause i want to win. but then i think santa would know if i were being greedy ;)

how was your weekend? were you nice and productive? i'd love to hear about it! xo


  1. Glad you're getting better. I'm hoping to hit my crafting stride today...you know after homeschooling and cleaning the house for my in-laws two. week. visit.
    Two giveaway wonderfuls - that might cheer me up.
    P.S. That viking is killer!

  2. I can't bring myself to play Christmas music just yet. I blame having worked retail for WAY too long! My Christmas baking has yet to commence...solely because I'd be eating all by myself, and the last thing I need is to gain the holiday 10!

    Love to see what you're crafting away on!! And that cardigan is GORGEOUS!

  3. Christmas music and baking cookies are a sure way of making someone feel better. Hope you are back to your usual 125% soon. I can also say that as of this weekend I am feeling the Christmas spirit, we have a decorated tree, and the Christmas carols are playing non-stop.
    I would love to comment on the photos, but I am checking the blog from work (shhhhh), and apparently knitting-related photos are either offensive or inappropriate cause they are blocked.
    But thanks for pointing me to give-away….I may have to fight you for that yarn!

  4. i have to say i'm very happy to be getting back into the christmas vibe... thanks everyone for the well wishes :)
    house full of jays - and i thought i was busy! good luck with the 2 week visit from the inlaws! i bet it will go well :)
    melissa - that's a lot of strength not to play christmas music yet! but i suppose you are hearing it wherever else you go, hey? i've been thinking of one of your recipes especially for christmas baking... the turtles... ugh, MUST make! ...are you gonna make some?
    monica - yippee! you're reading me at work!! that makes me feel special :) oh and as for that giveaway... the fight is on! lol. xo

  5. I love that first picture! I pinned it over the weekend too :)

    I spent the morning in bed hoping that the extra sleep will help me to feel better quick! Today is the only day I have this week to truly rest. Now I have to go reorganize my calendar so that I get everything done...I've had a few project set backs but nothing that can't be overcome!



  6. My yarn arrived for my selfish knitting Oatmeal pullover and i realized that I somehow miscalculated and am short 2 skeins. I am deciding whether to make something else or try to finagle the same dyelot from webs.

    My kids are finally on the mend, hopefully they'll emerge from tomorrow's germfest playgroup session intact. I'd hate for them to be sick when we travel (12 hours) to my parents house next week.

  7. buffy - heehe, i know you pinned that first pic :) i hope you're feeling better after some rest!

    hannah - oh no! that's too bad 2 skeins short... you could always try to see how easy it is to get a couple more skeins first before thinking of new projects... hrmmm we'll have to think of a good one for you. and i really hope your kiddos feel better soon! the good thing with littles is that they bounce back quickly... or maybe they'll just sleep the whole way to your folk's place. have a safe trip! xo


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