my silly mistake... but there's a winner anyways!

a very funny thing happened to me yesterday. well it's really just silly... and you'll laugh too... 'cause it could happen to anyone, right? i go to upload photos on the computer, and proceed to freak out. nothing is working.

in fact when i plug in the camera, the mouse decides not to work (i work from a laptop, and have plugged in a mouse). seriously? wth?! nothing was working. i thought my computer was dying. turns out i was overreacting. (of course). because i was using a usb cord from a camera we had forever ago, and it doesn't apparently work with the one we have now. i should totally know this because well, i've been uploading photos from this camera for quite some time... ugh. anyways, i was going to show you a few FO's... but haha, well when i realized my little erm blunder, it was just too late for editing... soooooo how about later this week? yes. i think so.
there is my little funny story for you :) did you like it?

Source: google.com via Rebecca on Pinterest
alright, should we get to the goods? time for the winner of the cowl giveaway!
i've used the random number generator and the winner is:

comment # 34  Amy Baily

"I like your FB page. I love your blog! I am trying to teach myself to knit and make myself jealous looking at all of your projects :)"

congratulations! i'll be contacting you today to get your address, and i'll pop that in the mail for ya.

so how is everyone else doing with the craft sessions? getting more and more ready for christmas? it won't be too long before i'll be up for the late night craft sessions... can't wait to show you what i've been working on!xo


  1. You should always take your card out of your camera to download photos instead of plugging in the camera directly. It's hard on the camera body to be constantly connected/disconnected from the computer and if the battery is low on the camera when you upload images, it can corrupt your card and you can lose your images.

    Love your blog!

  2. thanks for the tips, amy! i certainly don't want to loose images! that would make me sad. i'll keep this in mind from now on :) thanks for the blog love! so glad you've found this space :) xo


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