i hope you don't mind.....

i'm in the zone now! for realz. :) elving is in full force, and i'm loving it!

i'm focused, and getting excited! of course there is much coffee on, and christmas tunes are playing.

Source: flickr.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

but the important thing is that i'm totally enjoying it, and i refuse to stress... 'cause i love the pre-christmas planning, and excitement. it's what makes it just so fun! well in my opinion anyways. :)

so now that i'm on a roll, i've got to get back. 

what are you crafting today? any baking? watching any fav. christmas movies? i'd love to hear how your day is going! xo


  1. I'm finished up the cutest doll diaper bag for my niece, and a briefcase for my nephew last night. And today I'm resisting the urge to sew myself a knitting project bag, lol, and instead am making my dad some travel bags (laundry bag plus some see-thru toiletry bags). If I get those done early, I'm making my mom a bodum cozy (she'll be getting a nook mug hug, and a bodum hug, lol!). PS. I LOVE my mug hug - use it all the time, and even the guy at SBUX commented on it yesterday!

  2. woot woot! yes mandy, you go! that's awesome! i love that you love your mug hug. xo sweet for the complements you're getting on it! you know what we need though, is a massive craft space for all of us. complete with play room for the kiddos. yess!

  3. My goal is to finish my new blanket by Christmas (http://amymbailey.blogspot.com/2011/11/its-about-time.html), but I think that may be put on the back burner. I need to get busy on Christmas gifts!

  4. oh amy! look at you go! you can do it! what are your christmas gifts? :)

  5. I actually went to IKEA today for stocking stuffers. I am knitting cowls for my daughters teachers.

  6. sweet! the teachers will LOVE the cowls. i so wish we had an IKEA on the island. le sigh. (though my bank account probably doesn't want it) haha.

  7. Can you believe I carried my argyle knitting around with me ALL DAY and didn't knit a single stitch?

    I'm a knitting failure!! I'll never get it done!! Never!! <-- lotsa gratuitous drama for effect

  8. lol oh amy, you'll totally get it done! and it will look ahmazing. i bet "D" will be jealous, 'cause it will be even better than in the magazine. hee hee... and he'll have that steamy look too... there's incentive! xoxo


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