sweet friday...

i'm so glad it's friday! it's been a yucky week... full of coughs, pulled muscles, stuffed up noses, and a real need for extra sleep... so this means that not much knitting has been done, and that makes me sad...  but i'm very happy for the weekend.

we're still coughing a lot here... and mostly just wanting to cuddle (can't complain with that)... and i'm having to take it slow with my neck, but i think it's a blessing in disguise.
last year i really went all out with christmas knitting... seriously insane.. i was up until 3am for the last 2 weeks before christmas. for realz. this year, not so much... and lately i've really really been wanting to do some selfish knitting. after all of the knitting i've been working on that isn't for me, i want to indulge in yarns and patterns that i truly appreciate. ya know?

don't worry, i'm still working on a couple of things for christmas gifts... but this girl is dreaming of some selfish knitting...  and really it's kinda hard not to. there have been so many beautiful patterns released in time for the christmas knitting, that how can i not want to be wearing them myself?
so my plans for this weekend?
christmas baking with my little... he's been so patient to start making cookies for santa :)

going out to get the candle that smells like a christmas tree... it's the best! i grew up with real trees for christmas, but it's been a while since we've had that. if i can't have a real tree, then i'll for sure have my house smell like one.. (along with the smells of christmas baking... bliss!)

and feeling the comforting movement of my knitting needles working away in my hands... there will be some secret elving going on, as well as a little project just for me.

we'll also hit up a holiday market. i'm looking forward to it for sure!

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i've been dropping hints for christmas pressies, and i know for a fact that the hubs can find it at the market. :)

how about you? what are your plans for the weekend? do you have lots on your plate this weekend? attending any fun christmas parties? how's the elving coming along? i'd love to hear of your weekend plans! xo


  1. my plans are that i'll be sitting at home wishing i was hanging with you...lol :)

  2. I'm heading to the One of a Kind Show tonight!!! Can't wait! Feel better soon!

  3. We've got Christmas baking to do as well and we're hosting a Christmas party on Sunday. Hope I can get everything done in time!
    Good luck with the hints...I've been emailing my hubby little, "Rachel would like this" emails for a while. I think I've been obnoxious enough that it just may work.
    Take care and enjoy those snuggles while you're resting up!

  4. I've slowly been getting a nasty cold...I'm hoping to hold out until Monday before I have to crash in bed all day.

    Tonight is our annual Christmas knit night, I just picked up a tiramisu cake for it & I'm very excited for the cowl exchange...last year we exchanged hats & we're still laughing over the fighting.

  5. My little one is sick again and I'm sure Noelle will soon follow, but they are still cheerful and bouncing around everywhere. They really know how to keep me from being too bummed about the hubs being away.
    This weekend I'm going to snuggle with my girls and of course knit as much as possible. Going to watch "The Smurfs" in a bit with the girls, making bacon potato soup for dinner.
    Selfish knitting and yarn buying. Hm. Whether I deserve it or not, I'm going to make it happen! There really are too many awesome patterns out there that need to be knitted/crocheted by me...for me. bwahahaha.
    Happy weekend to you!

  6. sounds like everyone is having a wonderful weekend! that makes my heart happy :) here's hoping we are all healthy come christmas! xo


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