unless you count the sweater for owen, and of course the cowl for you.... deeeeep breath...

it's ok. i can do it. and that pic there, that's me. until christmas :)  i've pulled my neck out. it's so awesome. and the knitting hasn't really happened in about 4 days. this is un-sat(isfactory). so i'm pushing through.
as i'm sure many of you are now :) don't worry. i haven't gone off the deep end, yet... i don't think my list is unattainable. 'cause i don't have one yet. hahaha. i'll keep it small this year, as last year i went all out and everyone and i mean everyone got a handmade gift. including christmas party favours... so it's more of the selfish knitting here. selfish because most of the knitting i'm doing is remaining in this house. it's for the kiddo and the hubs. (and me). :) and maybe a surprise knit or two....

how are you doing? need a coffee? come chat with me! i promise you, i'll probably be up at odd hours of the day and night until the big day.  xo


  1. what?! 17 days? Oh heck ...

  2. Yeaaaah...I have a list, my yarn is supposedly arriving tomorrow, but the hubs printed my patterns yesterday at his work and LEFT THEM AT WORK. Which would be ok except he left this morning to go to San Diego for a conference and won't be back until Tuesday. We don't have a printer at home...what's 17-5 days?
    However, in a strange twist of fate, I got my paws on "Last-Minute Knitted Gifts" from the library today so we'll see if my list gets tweaked yet again...
    If anyone can gifting greatness this year, I'm sure it's you! If you're injured, I'd advise you to take a little more time to heal. Pushing through can only last so long if you don't.
    Virtual cheers with my third cup of coffee!

  3. I have four scarves left and some cup cozies. I do not even know how to make a cup cozie yet. Did I mention my mil saw my cowl and wants one. Jeez!

  4. i'm so glad to know we are all in this boat together :) hannah - you're sweet... and also a super fast knitter. i have the last-minute gifts book, and i like it lots! what are you looking at knitting from that?
    seriouslysassymama- i have a tutorial for cup cozies! check it here: http://inanook.blogspot.com/2011/05/cheers.html

    i've now finished owen's sweater.. now i'm swatching for the "joe" hat by jane richmond. it will be for the hubs. i'm taking this a project at a time (not really like me), and i'll decide my next project during knitting the current one... :)


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