ummm... that is a word.. right? yes. i thought so. it's basically what my weekend was..  really really. it was awesome!

unfortunately... there was no camping.. but it was still a wonderful weekend!
we so enjoyed having the hubs home... and both he and i were able to watch our little man play soccer. seriously.. how cute is it watching those little legs just dash after the ball! i was excited to see that they played another team too! such fun!
also, my weekend was full to the brim of crafting! i love that i also teach knitting. being around yarn this much gives me great joy. ;)

i finally got to see my knit night girls again! it's been weeks! with next weekend being the thanksgiving weekend for us canadians, i'm not sure if we'll have  a knit night or not... that is still up in the air. and the weekend after that, i won't be able to go.. so this weekend was a must for me.

Source: flickr.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

the whole family went out for dinner for our anniversary. and thank you all so very much for your kind wishes! so lovely.. and then the boys dropped me off at knit night. then on sunday, i popped by the cloth castle as part of the knit-in for the support of the period of purple crying. so excited that miriam saw my post earlier on the period of purple crying, and she arranged for a knit-in. so far there are over 50 hats collected! how wonderful is that?! i am so happy to be a part of such a wonderful cause!

Source: ravelry.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

and if you're at all wanting to contribute, drop off your hats at the cloth castle, they've arranged to be a drop off location! (how sweet is that?)  looking for yarn? the cloth castle is also offering 15% off all purple yarn until the end of the month! no excuses now! come knit up a hat! and make sure you drop it off at the cloth castle by october 25th. there are lots of free patterns on ravelry, and please go check out luvinthemommyhood's post about it here. she's linked to so many wonderful patterns, that you've got so much to choose from now!

how was your weekend? i'd love to hear about it! anything new? did you have a creative weekend? what's on your needles these days? tis the season to knit, ya know! ;) xo


  1. I had a decent weekend. Husband had to work late on both Friday and Saturday which always wears my patience thin. Samuel played soccer on Friday and I got to play goalie for a whole half! He is so cute in the yellow top and he really does a great job stopping the ball.

    I had hoped to get some Christmas sewing done on Sunday but after almost an hour of trying to start something I gave up...so today I'm organizing so that next week I'll be ready to actually sew!

    I'm totally jealous you get thanksgiving early...maybe I should celebrate with my Canadian friends whom I'm Thankful for...

  2. you absolutely should! haha more turkey that way :) slow starts are frustrating, i agree... i'm sure you'll be back on track next week!


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