a very good cause.

it really is! and you don't have to be a mama or a papa to participate.


if you are ever wondering how you can help, this is a great way, and also gets you back in the groove of the knitting season and warms those fingers up. not to mention the heads of the new little babes.
so what is this all about?


this is a wonderful initiative to collaborate with both knitters and crocheters to make purple caps in an effort to help educate caregivers about the period of purple crying.
this is a period that every baby goes through, and it's normal! just some babies cry more than others. and this is a way for parents to understand what their baby is going through.

marilyn barr, the author behind the article of what is the period of purple crying, found here explains that the period of purple crying begins at about 2 weeks of age and continues until about 3-4 months. to help us better understand the common characteristics of this phase or period, we use the acronym PURPLE.


i know that an awful lot of research has gone into this. and being a mama myself, i find this to be such an important thing to teach to new parents. and being a knitter, well i couldn't think of a better thing to do than to sit myself down and knit up some cute and warm purple hats.
i've found a few links explaining in greater detail about the period of purple crying and the research behind it. please go and check them all out. just click on the names, and it will take you to the links.

i know there are more, but these are a great start. also, click for babies has created little buttons to sport on your blog to show you are knitting away for these babes. grab one!

ok so now to the patterns. there are great pattern resources, as we all know, just a few things to keep in mind before choosing.  newborn, baby, and preemie hats are what we're looking for, in any shade of purple! you can stripe, lace, just stockinette, crochet... you decide! and make sure that you don't send hats with loooong tails, as they can be a strangulation hazard. also, i would choose yarn that is easy to care for...
ready to look at some hats?


i'd check on ravelry for sure! they have some beautiful selections! just search for baby hats, under whatever category you want to craft.. knitting or crochet, and off you go!
there's also knitting pattern central as well, off the top of my head. and you may have some gorgeous knitting books at home. so go leaf through them and find some lovelies!


on a quest for purple yarn? the cloth castle in victoria, bc is offering 15% off ALL purple yarn from now until the end of november. how great is that?
alright, so you've made some hats, now what? if you're in canada, the hospital accepting and giving these hats out to the new babes is the vancouver general hospital. so it's asked that you mail your purple hats (as many as you like) to be recieved no later than october 26th, 2011.

Claire Yambao, Provincial Program Coordinator
Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome BC
BC Children’s Hospital
4480 Oak Street, Room K1-201
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3V4

there are additional drop off locations in BC should you not be able to mail in your hats. click here for the list.

as for locations in the US. the above links about the period of purple crying will have info on where you can mail your hats.


i can't believe it's already friday! this week has flown by for sure! it's good to keep busy. here's wishing you a full, cozy, and productive weekend!

do you have a desire to do some quick satisfying knits? this would be a great project! grab a friend, and knit or crochet up some hats for the babes... it's a good thing to do. really. let's make some together this weekend! it's a chilly morning here, the coffee's on, and i'd love to chat! come say hi.


  1. That is a very good cause! I wonder if there is anything like that here in the States? I've been very fortunate in that my babies have never been colicky at all, though I do have one very demanding child. I do however have friends who weren't so fortunate.

    I made myself a pumpkin spice mocha this morning...it's pretty chilly down here too.

  2. hiya! when i went to the click for babies site, they have a map of all states that are participating. there are a lot! you could just mail to one of the hospitals there. here's the link: http://clickforbabies.org/share/
    yummm pumpkin spice.. i could use one of those! i'm headed on over to the library this morning with the kiddo for storytime... if i could just get my butt in gear :)

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    I talked to Natasha last night and we might do some knit knights at the CLoth Castle to work on purple hats. It will free to come of course and we can work on purple hats. I am going to talk to the Quilt till you wilt people on Saturday night as some are quilters. If they can't come in going to ask them to buy some purple wool :) Once I know when the back classroom is free I will let you know so you could hopefully come and maybe invites some people as well.

  4. Purple hats is an awesome cause! You guys can also find some more patterns that are just right for the criteria over on my post here:


    Let's help cap those newborns in style :)

  5. Hi Rebecca we have a date for the CLoth Castle. Sunday October 2 12 to 3. Will Purple Knit Day!

  6. That is FABULOUS!! I'm sharing this with our Attachment Parenting group!!
    mom to 3
    who has incredible biceps from carrying and holding her children all the time : )

  7. This is great Rebecca! This is totally the one new thing I learned today! Thank you so much for sharing! I will definitely add this to the to-do list... I will probably also link over to this post on my blog... I will let you know when it happens..

    Also thank you so much for your awesome comment on my blog! You are great!

    I'm definitely gonna go get me some purple yarn from the cloth castle/ sign up for the Rae... any dates chosen yet?

  8. wow! thanks so much for a fabulous response! you guys have definitely started off my weekend on a great note!
    grace - yep! we've got some rae dates set up!!! they are: oct 10. 10-1, nov 14th 6-9, and dec 4 11-2. we can always add more if there are more people interested! also... we're bringing in not only malabrigo, but madelinetosh, and sweet georgia yarns for this little gem. woot woot!!

    rogue quilter - thanks so much to you and the cloth castle for organizing the purple hats knit in event! you guys are awesome!

    luvinthemommyhood - you have awesome links!! when i post about the event, i'll be sure to send everyone over to you as well to check out some great stylish patterns too! xo

    my sweet prarie - what a wonderful thing to do with a group of people!!! i bet your biceps are more than up to the task :)how wonderful that you have 3 beautiful children! i bet you're amazing at hat knitting...



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