the one...

it's really a very special thing when you find the pattern for you. you know what i mean, right?

the perfect yarn. the perfect colour. the perfect pattern... the perfect drape... and then you can't stop wearing it... yep. it's super special.

this is rae by the lovely jane richmond.  i have only been talking about this pattern like crazy! i loooove it! i really do. jane is such a fantastic designer who really knows how to feature such gorgeous yarn at it's best. i can't even tell you how happy it makes me that i get to knit with her every week at knit night :)

the yarn? madelinetosh pashmina. colour, saffron.. and i used a 4.0mm needle....and i love it.
i'm so happy that it's finally fall weather!! i can wear this all of the time!!! yes. and i will. :)

this yarn is really the nicest to knit with!! it has incredible drape too. with a blend of silk, cashmere and merino, how could it not?! i did block it, very lightly... no pins even... but it was just enough. i just love how it feels around my neck. honestly. if you're going to splurge on some yarn, put it around your neck!

this pattern is easy to knit. and guess what?! it's being added to my class list! and not only that, the cloth castle is bringing in malabrigio yarn and the madelinetosh pashmina for this project! how amazing is this!!?!
and if you take the class, your materials are 20% off. these will make beautiful gifts for friends and family for christmas, or even something just perfect for you. because you deserve it :) i am currently knitting up the store sample in malabrigo. it's gorgeous!!

i really wish i could portray the colour of my rae to you... it's just so rich, and warm, and just perfect. ask my knit night girls!

and for those of you who aren't living in the victoria bc area... did you know that my pal shannon of luvinthemommyhood and i created a jane richmond designs ravelry group! you need to join it! we're talking of a rae KAL. you know you want in. :) come on by and say hi!

i'm entering this into the celebrate color for september. so go check out that site as well, as there are so many inspirational projects, ranging from knitting and crochet to sewing, to quilting, and embroidery.

Celebrate Color

honestly you should check it out!

i have to give special props to shannon of luvinthemommyhood for all of the photo tips and advice i've gotten. i am still a beginner photographer, but i'm on the road to some great pics! thank you shannon :)

have you entered something into the celebrate color? have you considered taking a class at all? now is the best time to do it! have you made a rae yet? you totally should! how are you welcoming fall? the coffee is on, and i'm so ready for a chat! come on by and say hi, i'd really love to hear from you!


  1. Very lovely. Wish I was a better knitter. That's my goal for this fall and winter. To give a full effort into becoming a better knitter.

  2. Ooooh! It's so pretty! Darn my hatred for knitting scarves...maybe one day I'll grow out of it but not yet. Plus I can't think about any more projects until my sweaters are done. First the KAL then the Gooseberry. There's only a few more days until Autumn is officially here and I'd love it if they were both done.

    You're pictures are lovely and I'm with you on the photography boat. One thing that I've discovered as I've been photographing my MODify dresses is that if I wait a couple days between taking the picture and editing I find that I like it better. I think when I'm taking the picture my mind is on perfection and getting it just right that so-so doesn't cut it, my emotions are high so logic gets bypassed, but with a couple days the emotions cool and logic sorta returns and the pictures look MUCH better. Probably it's just me though ;)

    Happy Thursday!

  3. thank you both so very much! i really *really* really love this scarf.. (i bet you knew that though) haha. i will be making more, most definitely. and i'm happy with these pictures. it's tough doing self portraits! but i do agree that practice and more practice is really what i need, and patience :)

  4. love it! and becca is right, the color is stunning in person! so gorgeous! thanks for the shout out luv! your pics turned out great :)

  5. thanks shannon! i've actually finished the rae in malabrigo. it's sooo pretty! i wanna keep it. hahaha. xo

  6. Wow, Rebecca these photos are seriously stunning! S T U N N I N G ! ...and seeing your Rae at knit night totally inspired me to block mine, it's drying as we speak and I can hardly get back to wearing it full time :)

  7. hahah weeee!!! you're blocking!!! :) that makes me happy!! xo

  8. So pretty. Love the pattern & that yarn looks amazing!

  9. thanks sandra! the madelinetosh was sooo lovely to knit with! a treat for sure!

  10. gorgeous!!!!

  11. It looks beautiful, the color, the yarn, the photos, really nice. If only I were not on the other side of the continent...I have no one in my circle of friends that likes or cares about knitting...and my yarn store is totally out of the way.
    Oh well, I ramble...beautiful knit.

  12. thank you both ilaria and monica :) oh monica, where is your closest yarn store? thank goodness for ravelry in helping to keep us knitters close, hey? will you be in on the next KAL? the next time i'm oven on the other side of Canada, i'll have to let you know! ;)

  13. Wow, it's gorgeous, Rebecca! I love how the shape comes to a little point at the front the way you're wearing it. Nice pictures too!

  14. thank you rachel! i bet you'll be wanting to cast on for one of these too! haha. it's soo lovely. jane richmond sure makes amazing patterns! :)

  15. It is so pretty! The color is so perfect for fall. I am working on mine now - it is such an easy, relaxing knit. Love it!

  16. isn't it addicting? what are you knitting yours with?

  17. Hello,

    Could you please tell me if you used Malabrigo sock for the other version of Rae that you made and how much yarn both of these projects used?

    Thank you and it looks beautiful!!

  18. hi there! for the yarn question.. i used madelinetosh pashmina for this rae pictured, and honestly used up just about the entire skein. i had more left of the malabrigio sock yarn, as there was more yardage to the skein. i considered making the second rae larger to use up the skein, but i was pressed for time :) i definitely used the majority of the skein though (for the malabrigo). hope that helps!

  19. Your Rae is beautiful! Love the color, drape, simplicity...

  20. thanks so much! i will be making more:)


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