not until it's just right....

 there's something that i wish i just had a natural talent for... picture taking. it really would be a great skill for me to have, especially for this space, and my knitting would like it more too.

i don't like to settle... and especially when i work so hard on a project, i want to convey it to you the way it makes me most happy. and proud. well i'm totally a beginner photographer. i do feel like i'm learning... but man, i have a ways to go.
and honestly, i have something to show you....

on another note though, i was up in the night with the little man, who's tummy was a tad upset. he seems to be bounding back just fine already.. though i seem to be needing much more coffee than usual ;) so there's that too..

but please bear with me! 'cause there's something i really want to show you!

how has your morning started? other than good lighting and don't use the flash.. ever... what are your tips for good photography? please come chat and keep me awake... i've got a lot of coffee here, and i'm willing to share:)


  1. I enjoyed your presentation at Cloth Castle during Quilt Club yesterday. Loved the knits you brought and bought some wool to make the Rae scarf for my daughter for Christmas - slow knitter so it will take me awhile but thought I would make it a bigger as you suggested. Any negatives to bigger size for the wearer?

  2. hi there! so happy that you got my info and popped in here to this space :) as for the rae scarf.... nope no negatives, just that there's even more yummy yarn around your neck for it! which yarn did you get for it? the malabrigo? I'd love to see a pic of it when it's done! it will make a beautiful gift.

  3. Oh I TOTALLY understand where you are coming from! I want to become better at photography too! le sigh... some day

    I LOVE the coffee picture sooo much!

  4. haha thanks grace! that picture of the owl is soo how i feel a lot of mornings these days too, with being up so late knitting, then the kiddo up uber early in the morning :)


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