knitting for sanity's sake

well only sort of....
you know i'd knit anyways. but it's a good excuse.

Source: flickr.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

honestly though, christmas will be here before you know it, and i sooo want to be market ready, and thus the panic and crazy knitting hours sets in early.

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and let's not forget the classes! if you live in the area, i'll be at the cloth castle thursday night for a "meet the teacher" night. pop on by and see the samples first hand! i promise... the rae in malabrigo will be done by then. you will ***swoon*** over the lushy yarn. promises. ;)
to prove it... a little malabrigo inspiration for you...

and on a final note... for those of you involved in the summer sweater KAL hosted by shannon of luvinthemommyhood...  do you have your flicker photos up? you need to in order to be eligible for prizes! this is a vital piece of information! if you want to be considered for prizes... post those photos up! i can tell ya, the prizes are awesome!!! check out this scouting jacket by vanesprinses on ravelry. ahhhh-mazing!!!

Source: flickr.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

how is your week looking? are you happy to be back into a fall routine? what are your fave fall projects on your needles right now? (or any other type of craft) coffee's brewing, come chat!


  1. The yellow is sooooooo beautiful! But for my Rae I might follow the trend and go for red! Decisions decisions!

    As for the insane knitting... I believe in you! I know you will do a fantastic job! Just keep the coffee warm! Maybe I could score you a little pumpkin spice syrup?

  2. I love scarves in the wearing...not the knitting! Oh my goodness I see that Rae pattern and wish I had the fortitude to actually finish it but I just know myself and I'd be crying from boredom four inches in. I guess I'll just have to find someone to make me one right?

    As for your crazy amounts of knitting...you can do it! I know how many things I have to make each week to stay on track for Christmas...it helps to make the amount much more bearable.

  3. aww. thanks so much both of you! i'm feeling a little overwhelmed, but i'll get there :)
    as for the rae and the classes? i have good news to share in tomorrow's post about that one! woot woot!!

  4. Don't be overwhelmed, you can totally do it!! :)

    I know it's easier said than done, but stop thinking about how many days are left, or how many items you still need to make. Just enjoy the beauty of your knitting and the fact that you are doing what you love...it'll all be worth it when market day arrives and you get to see all your gorgeous items laid out in front of you and be wow'ed in the fact that you set out to do something and you got it done!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done! :)

  5. thanks melissa! i think that's great advice! and i do enjoy what i'm knitting, always. so that's good. now let's hope i can get into a market! ;)


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