new week, very new schedule

before i get into the little post for today, i'm watching coverage of the 911 attacks. it still moves me to tears even now, ten years later. i am amazed at the strength of the firefighters, still. how they persevered, and took action. incredible. this was most definitely a horrible moment in history, but as my husband has put it, "the memorial services were superb. I get a sense of optimism, as if this will help us move on in a better world."

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well it's a very very new start for us. the hubs is off to sea for 6 weeks...which isn't long considering... but we've been used to having him around... and my poor little man may have some difficulties in adjusting to the new routine. heck, i probably will too... i'm trying to make us nice and busy to help the time pass quickly. we're starting strong start this week, as well as drop in at the library for story time... and play dates wherever we can fit it in.

and let's not forget prepping for the market, and for classes....so it's a quiet, and small post today. we're readjusting to a new schedule here, and my plan is to still be here in this space every day, but if i miss a day, you'll understand... right?

how was your weekend? what is on your mind today? even though this is a small and simple post, i'm still in the mood to chat! leave a message and let's get chatting, because the coffee's on ... and goodness knows, i need it today!


  1. Well the weekend could have gone worse but it could have been better. I had all week to get into a groove with the fall/school routine but come Saturday night I was tired, the girlie was back and well when Husband came home after work he messed up my groove.

    Seriously I forgot how disrupting one more adult can be when you've got the MOM groove on. He doesn't anticipate challenges like I do and since he isn't home during the day he doesn't know the struggles the kids have had or the schedule they've made for themselves. So definitely got to work on a way to clue him in quickly so that when he gets home he can help not hinder.

    Other than that the weekend was good. I'm hoping to get a couple Christmas Pressies made this week...more would be nice. Plus I have to finish my KAL! Happy Monday to you!

  2. and a happy monday to you, buffy!! you're one busy mama, that's for sure. i hear you on the confusion with parenting sometimes... whenever les comes back home from sea, it's always a big adjustment, as well as when he leaves... lots of juggling going on. xo

  3. My hubbie's away for six weeks too! For the first week after the dogs were jumping at every little noise - convinced it was him coming home. But I just try and see the bright side - at least I'll get lots of sewing and crocheting done!
    Really enjoy your blog btw.

  4. yep it's important to see the bright side :) last year the hubs had to go for 5 months. so i really have nothing to complain about. at least i can knit non-stop once the little is in bed. hahah. :) thanks for stopping by ann! glad you've found this space :)

  5. My heart was full of emotions yesterday, too. I finally wrote a post about what we went thru ten years ago, something for our boys to read when they're older. It helped. Crafting helped too. Good luck adjusting to the new routine--hopefully 6 weeks will go by quickly & you'll have lots of knitting to show for it!

  6. I hope the 6 weeks fly by for you and the hubs is back soon. You know where I am and hopefully I can keep you busy with laughs, lady wine and lots of knitting! Big hugs...luv ya!

  7. sandra- that is a lovely idea for your boys to read when they're older. thanks to both you and shannon.. i'm sure the time will fly by. depending on how much lady wine there is, we'll see how much knitting i have to show for it. hahah. no seriously, i have a TON of knitting i have to do. :) xo

  8. Being a wife and mom when my husband went away with the navy, for weeks or months, was something that is hard, but manageable. One trick that worked for me is that we scheduled and ran life based on me and the kids, and if Ken was there, awesome! But if he wasn't we still did the same things, had our activities, work and hobbies. It helped reduce the huge rollar coaster swings. And since our food budget was less when he was gone, I could increase my budget for lattes and quilt fabric to help me cope. :-)

    Thanks for the mug hug,

  9. Hey Shannon. thanks for the tips. that's usually how owen and i plan our lives while the hubs is gone. it's better for everyone if we stay consistent. that being said.. it's still a new routine for us, with the beginning of fall. great for knitting! :) and you're more than welcome for the mug hug. perfect time for latte season!


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