wahoooo it's friday!!

friday already! crazy. this week went by super duper fast (as my three year old would say). but i certainly agree.

but the sort of sad part is that this is our last weekend together before the hubs sails off for 6 weeks.... it's ok though, i'll prolly get lots of knitting done... here's hoping anyways!
because the more i've been thinking and planning on selling at a christmas market, the more i'm realizing just how much more work i have to do! aack! can i even knit fast enough!?
yes... i am feeling a little overwhelmed.... 
but i know i will be ok... as long as i just keep knitting. ...right? hahaha. yes.
but back to uber happy thoughts.  here's what makes me happy today:

how awesome is this. yes. i'll cheers to it! in fact, i believe we should have a round of these at knit night!

happy friday everyone! how is your weekend looking? we'll be back to routine next week, albeit a new routine with the hubs away. here's to much crafting over the weekend, and family snuggle time! i'd love to hear what you have planned! leave a note, and let's chat!


  1. Well I did my happy dance yesterday but I can do it again. Good to hear that you are doing well. Every time I think of you and others I think of the great times we had in youth. You guys are all dear to our hearts.Must be lonely with your hubby in the military. Knitting is good, and of course your little one must keep you busy. Well get ready for the market! I haven't knitted in years, maybe I should pick it up again. You do wonderful stuff by the way. Well, ttyl God bless! Karen Thompson

  2. Hi Karen! so good to hear from you! and so wonderful that you've found my blog :) i have such fond memories of youth. i'm sure gonna miss les, but it's high knitting season, so i'll be busy :) i didn't know you used to knit! definitely pick up those sticks again :) chat soon. xo

  3. This Saturday is Samuel's first soccer game...well actually it is a first for us all :) I'm excited, nervous, and overwhelmed all at once...I think that makes me excitervoushelmed...hahaha!

    So sorry you hubs is gonna be gone :( My BIL is in the Navy and is often gone too. He'll be headed out on what could be his last deployment the first of the year (last because he's close to retirement, yay). I applaud all women who can stay behind while their loved ones are gone...no matter if they have kids or not.


  4. oh yay samuel! let me know how it goes! i have to shop for soccer cleats and shin pads for owen this weekend! he has his first game near the end of the month! i totally know how you feel!
    as for the hubs having to be away... it's hard, yah, i just feel bad for owen... it's harder for him i think, because he doesn't understand it. but we'll see him the odd weekend, and the time will go by quickly enough. sad that he'll miss our anniversary again... but that's ok :) we'll celebrate when he comes home.

  5. I wish I could knit this weekend! But I'll settle for a honeymoon at a resort on the Oregon Coast instead... Maybe when I get back in town. :P

  6. Lindsay! i'd say that's a great swap. ahaha. have a beautiful honeymoon!!! and congrats again!

  7. You are awesome! Yes I am reading this a few days late... but really? you are awesome!

    Also, you not knit fast enough? eep... that would be the day! But I understand what you mean!

    finally... talked to mum she is definitely interested in taking the Rae class with me! next step, get our butts registered! I'M SO EXCITED!!

  8. yay grace! i'm sooo happy to hear that! i'll be going in to the cloth castle to set up dates for the rae class tomorrow.... what are your preferences? i will offer it several times i think...


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