in a really really good way :)

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i'm prepping! i've been busy, and of course, i'm loving it! classes are coming up quickly, and with the upcoming gift-giving season, inventory must be stocked!
it's been a little strange though, trying to get fully into fall mode when we've been having such amazing weather! but for the sake of the craft, i really do try (wink wink)

haha, so would you like a sneak peek at what's been coming off of these here needles?
alrighty then..

do you recognize some of these things? i see a few items from the tutorials, as well as yummy class material!
i told ya, this was going to be a good season! ahaha. my eye is especially on rae these days...

to date, this is the nicest yarn i've knit with, and i loooooove it! i can't wait to have rae snuggling around my neck!  and what's even better? as a last minute decision, rae will be another one of the classes i'll be teaching! jane richmond is such a talented designer. she knows just the project that showcases beautiful yarn at it's best, and rae is definitely no exception!  the cloth castle has brought in malabrigo yarn just for this project.


oh oh goodness. if you're in the area, seriously consider this class... malabrigo!?! hecks yes! and when you take the class, materials are 20% off!!!! these will make such beautiful and luxurious gifts if you can dare part with one! rae takes only one skein! so it's also uber affordable. it would be a great class to take with a friend, and even suitable for a beginner. you only need to know how to increase, decrease, and knit. i can't get enough of this project! i am loving every stitch. **swoon** honestly. it comes with me wherever i go, and any chance i get a chance to add any stitches to it, i do.

i'm already planning the colour for my next one.

how have you been doing? are you a lover of fine yarns? what's your favourite? this is one of my fave topics and i'd love to chat with you! leave me a message, and we'll swoon over yarn together, shall we?


  1. I found you via luvinthemommyhood this week. I love your knitting style and now thanks to you I just HAVE to make that Rae scarf :) I am terrible about choosing yarn and get kind of overwhelmed by the selection. I am a new knitter so I have lots to learn. I bring a knitting friend with me to the yarn store so she can help me with fibers and weight and colors and dye lots and all that. I may just ask her to come with me this weekend to help me select yarn for the Rae scarf (and the Stockholm cowl... as if I needed another project - ha!).

  2. yaaay allison! i can't wait to see what colour and yarn you choose! if you have any questions, just let me know :) also, have you heard of ravelry? that site is a wonderful wealth of information that will help you in yarn selections for your projects :)

  3. I LOVE Malabrigo! I was a part of a hat exchange and the lady who sent me my hat also sent a hank of Malabrigo!!! It has been my favorite yarn to work with so far...of course that might change when I finally get my hands on Madelinetosh ;) Though I'm really lovin the yarn I'm using for my KAL, it is Gloss from Knit Picks. It is so amazingly soft and very squishy, which is fabulous!

    Allison- welcome to knitting! You always need one more project on your needles :)

  4. buffy! i don't know, i feel like madelinetosh and malabrigo are prolly neck and neck :) shannon is knitting with knit picks gloss right now, and is loving it.. i hope she brings it to knit night this week, so i can feel it :) sounds like amazing yardage for the price too!
    and i agree, allison, you should consider a set of interchangeable needles, as you'll probs want to be knitting more than one project at the same time. hahah :)

  5. Holy moly! Look at you, knitting machine! ;)

    Your Rae is going to be so beautiful when it's done, that colour will look fab on you!

  6. my rae is done! and i love it to bits! can't wait to make another! well haha, i actually already am, but it's for the store... in malabrigo! i must get myself a skein!! it's awesome.

  7. You're done! The pictures of the nearly finished Rae have me so excited to see it tomorrow! ...you are going to bring it tomorrow, right? I love the new gauge, it looks perfect!

  8. haha jane! well, of course! it will complete my outfit! ;)


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