markets 911

there's something that has been on my mind a lot lately... and that's markets. specifically christmas markets, because well.. who am i kidding... it's a lot of work preparing for one. and if you're focused a little more on knitting, like i am.. well it takes just that much longer.

there really are just so many things to consider. banners, signs, and display are biggies, not to mention all of the stock needed.  and i have to say, i'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed. this is all of course assuming that i have actually found a market, which i'm finding is to be another trouble in itself!!!

Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

but back to the planning of it all... here's my call out to you.. how do you organize yourselves? how do you decide what  to sell, and how much of the items? how do you plan it?
how about signs? do you make your own? what do you find to be the most effective?
where can you find your stands for display? do you thrift shop? what are the best finds to have for display?
i'm still planning on a christmas market, but i'm honestly just trying not to feel too overwhelmed by it.

if it doesn't work for this year, then i'll have stock started for next year. planning for the classes has taken up a lot of  my knitting time :) though i can't complain, because it's all knitting related.
i feel like i've got a bit of a plan here, but i'm always always up for more advice and tips.

..and if you're in the same boat as me, the best tip i've found so far is...

so that is what's been on my mind... and i'm honestly up for tips and advice on the whole market thing.

how has your weekend been? ours flew past. honestly, i blinked and it's over. but i've been productive and i'll have something more to show you this week!

are you a market vendor? what are your secret tips and must haves in your back pocket? please share! i'm sure we'd all love to know. coffee is on, and i'd love to hear from you!


  1. I look forward to other people's comments and your own posts about this experience! I've been interested in knitting for a Christmas Market for some time but never seem to be able to dedicate the time to knitting or organizing it! Keep us posted!

    (PS: The CC ladies rave about how sweet you are <3)

  2. i find that it's first of all difficult to find much info about christmas markets... well out here anyways... have you found the same? also, i think they are tougher to get into than i first thought. but i'll definitely keep you posted! it's a lot of work, i'm finding.. but i would be soo excited to participate in a market!
    how are you enjoying your quilting lessons? soo exciting! the cloth castle is also hosting a knit in for knitting purple hats. if you're interested :)

  3. Hi! Just found your blog, its cute!
    I am also freaking out slightly about markets. I'll be participating in one in a a month. Its my first and I feel really unprepared! I love the pictures of the different set ups.

  4. thanks so much for popping by! i'm so happy you've found this space! i'm trying so hard not to be overwhelmed with markets! eek! :)


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