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as i'm sitting here, listening to my music... and thinking of what i want to share with you, i keep getting sidetracked by the music. i get lost in it... i can't help but close my eyes and let the music move me. and then being productive, well that gets hard :)

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one thing you might not know about me is my love of music. (yep, almost as much as yarn). i was trained as a flautist back in high school (honestly.. i hated all of the hours of practice and private lessons) haha. , and then did voice training.... i was involved in classical groups to play at weddings and wineries, and i sang my little heart out in a quartet.
i feel that i have an ear for music. and to me, (and probably you too) if i'm going to listen and enjoy the music.. i have to feel the talent behind it.  well i'm feeling it tonight.

i always always get lost in nina's songs.

honestly. it's her music i make my risotto to.. it's her music i prefer to knit to... and blog to... and dance to... well, you get the idea.

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so then one day i decide to learn a little more about her besides the lyrics to her music... and boy am i ever blown away. i know she's talented, but it still blows me away to see her successes, degrees, her story. it's incredible! born in the early '30's the sixth of eight children in a poor family......she began playing the piano at 3 years old. she aspired to be a classical pianist, but was denied entry into prestigious schools of music, because of her race. she ended up playing and singing in small locales, and really things grew from there.

not only was she an incredible musician and performer, but became a civil rights activist. she married twice, and then had a lover. this would include the likes of a fairground barker, to a new york police detective to the prime minister of Barbados.  the story just goes on. and then to see her repertoire... smack me twice and call me nancy, i mean really! it's incredible!
but ok. just go check it out here. and then come back.
see? holy schnieky. i know.

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so you see why i love her so much. there's a lot more to her than just notes.
and i can't help but feel inspired when i listen to her...

so here's a little taste.. because after all of this, i clearly can't keep it all to myself, now can i?

how is your week going so far? does music inspire you? who are you listening to these days? are you also a nina simone fan? i'd love to chat! and the coffee is always on.


  1. Ohhhhhh...I heart Nina. Heart her :)

  2. she just makes everything better for me after a hard day :)

  3. Have you heard her sing Porgy. You'll love it.

  4. i have! honestly, she's one of my faves. :)

  5. my sunday morning ritual.

    make a huge cup of tea.
    read the sunday paper.
    play my baby just cares for me.

  6. Rebecca! This post is awesome! I had no idea you were as big of a music nerd as me! I played the flute for one year but it made me light headed..... I decided to stick to singing.

    Nina gives me shivers... Lately I've been all over Billy Holiday and Sarah Vaughn... *le sigh*

  7. haha grace! loooove music! wouldn't knit night be ahmazing over billy holiday and nina simone?

  8. YES PLEASE! We could definitely make that happen some day!


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