my very first elizabeth zimmerman project was actually a jacket! believe it or not :) the tomten jacket to be more specific. but i just looooved it so much i had to make it. and honestly, it's a good thing because i've been raving about elizabeth zimmerman patterns sooo much since then!

i was really overwhelmed with the thought of starting an ez project because i had heard so much of her, and just loved everything i saw.. and i had heard that the way she wrote patterns were not quite what i'd be used to. but you know what, as always.. i was impressed, and amazed at how simple the pattern was, yet how effective it was too!

and so of course the first one i'd try would be a jacket... with a zipper. ha. love it! this project only took me just over 2 weeks to make.
here are the deets:
yarn: cascade yarns 220, one skein of each colour you see.
needle: 4.0mm/US 6
size: 23-24"
i opted out of a hood, because i didn't have enough yarn for it. but i have to say, i loooove the outcome!!!
and the zipper i remember wasn't nearly as scary as i thought it would be.

the colours are beautiful. and this looked amazing on owen.
if you have any fears of jumping in to do an elizabeth zimmerman project, my advice is simply do it. it's just so liberating, and you feel amazed at your talents!

from what i can remember, the pattern was very straight-forward. and i had very little difficulty in sorting myself out. i also remember loving the process of making it.

it's been a while since i made this jacket.. back in 2009! ... and though i've done several other patterns by her including several baby surprise jackets since then, as well as the fast cap, and the seamless hybrid (ahem.. twice no.. three times!, but that's another story altogether), and a very warm hat.... i find myself surprised that i haven't made another tomten. hrmmm something i think i really need to remedy.

yes. i think it's most definitely time for another tomten... don't you? it's not like i have very many projects on the go right now anyways, right? hee hee.

and if you've never knit an elizabeth zimmerman pattern before, i'm teaching the baby surprise jacket at the cloth castle! sign up and see the wonder of this woman through knitting. i promise you'll have fun, and you'll love your baby jacket!

are you a fan of elizabeth zimmerman? have you made many or any of her patterns? what are your favourites? ones you one day hope to create? i'd love to hear your thoughts! come chat, i promise i'm good company :) 


  1. Okay, that settles it! I demand that we figure out a way for me to be in Canada at your class and here at home with my babies!

    Honestly, I have been wanting to make a baby surprise jacket for,..well since I first saw one.

    I guess I'm just gonna have to convince some engineer to take a chance and invent a transporter...what do you think?

  2. hahaha buffy :) deal! you can make a baby surprise jacket!! i know you can!!! but it would still be awesome to have you come visit. you'd make me, and shannon veeeeery happy. :)

  3. Well, I guess then I'm just gonna have to plan on it...though I do hope when it works out it can coincide with knit night :)

    Oh, I found another delicious yarn to work with K'acha by Mirasol...60% Fine Merino Wool 25% Suri Alpaca & 15 % silk...heavenly!!! I'm pretty sure I could finish just about any project if I was knitting with it!

  4. Thank you so much for your comment and your jacket is soooo beautiful - thanks Emma

  5. buffy - i'll have to check that yarn out! sounds ah-mazing!

    emma- you're very welcome! nice to see you here! :)

  6. I LOVE that jacket, the colours and the pattern, wow! I'm sure Owen wouldn't mind if I tried it on too, right? ;) You're the best! :)

  7. bahaha sarah :) thanks!! yah i love this jacket too, but it's so small for owen now! i need to make another.


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